Mar 27, 2009

Good Friday --

sort of.

LOTS of rain. BUCKETSSSS of rain. well, we do need it so I should not and am not (really) complaining...

Hello everyone.

More line drawings, some in black and white, some in colour. I seem to be on a new expedition, a creative explosion, a new obsession grounded in an old one... my journals are happy. Or will be.

Transformation. Going from winter into spring, dry to wet (still in the grip of a serious drought here), life to death... a lot to ponder, a lot to think about, wonder about, consider, mull over, but not to worry over, thankfully, and finally, blissfully ... let go.

Take care.


Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
I love your line drawings, there is something so peaceful about them. I like your transformation ideas too-including the lady changing in the post below. Hope the rain abates for the weekend or that you at least get some rainbows! And thanks for all your lovely(as always!) comments.
Sarah x

cynhammond said...

I liked the progression of it.
But then, I have always been

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Candace,

Hey, if rain means more drawings from you... bring the rain on.

But, if you want to see real buckets... where each drop is a bona fide bucket, or, at the mist stage is a rainpersimmon... then you need to skedaddle over here to Hong Kong because the monsoon season is about to break over us like a wave over the prow of a ship.

Happy rain days are coming...

and you would be totally welcome.

We'd stick you in front of a massive window overlooking the parks, the harbour, and the peaks and step back and let the muses take over.


Anyway, bring on the rain, if it means more productive art days from the purveyor of true eye-candy.


Charlie said...

Love your line drawings. I like that you are sharing them with us. It's such a personal tidbit.
And yes we need the rain too.....beautiful rain. we got a little this week..... not nearly enough.
Have a good weekend my friend.

Tatieva said...

Oh, ce sont les fameux dessins avec un seul trait, sans lever son crayon du papier ? J'adore !
Kiss from France,

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone, for your very fun and kind comments. Go visit each other's blogs, too, if you've not done so already. This thing called Internet is really something... Besides the good ol' US of A, I can visit London, Paris, Hong Kong -- and my sister too.
Now, on to the next line item.

Take care!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Love the line drawings! :-)

Anonymous said...