Apr 7, 2009

April Fools Art Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

The Joke's On Me, as I sure did miss the monthly Art Drawing and/or Giveaway, didn't I?

My apologies and let's hop right down the bunny trail to the time's a'wastin' April Art Giveaway.
To celebrate this new season as well as the Golden Chalice Calla Lilies seen below, please get your names in the pot here at EyeCandy no later than the real April Fool's Day --

April 15th. Just leave a comment on this here blog between now and April 15th midnight for a little Art Dividend of your very own.

Talk about taxing. It's been quite a year already!

But some good news is: while ArtFest 2009 has come and gone, I look forward to seeing and reading everyone's blogs who went, taught, learned and lived their art. Starting here...
these are good role models for anyone. Who is your Art Shenanigans role model?
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femminismo said...

Hi, Candace. thanks for checking in. Now I'm checking in with you. Hope all is well. April 15! Yikes! Time to put something in the IRA or just burn it with matches? Which is quicker? haha Jeanne

Renee said...

Real April fool's day, now you are talking.

Renee xoxo

Sarah said...

That's a lovely lady Candace. Beautiful lilies too. Why is the 15th the real April Fools day? I went on my second school trip on the other one so tried not to worry too much!
I would love to go to artfest or one of these other lovely events I am always reading about. At least I can read!
Have a good rest of the week and weekend.
Sarah x
PS Thanks for all your lovely comments on the Shakespeare dolls-I am really enjoying making them. As for mistakes-the more the merrier!

ArtSparker said...

Hi Candace-

Thanks for stopping by my blog.Looks like you are having fun here too.