Apr 9, 2009


Hello Everyone!

This is how I feel today -- ! Spring fever never felt so good.

And remember: Leave a comment by April 15th and receive your very own Tax Break Art Giveaway. Drawing's at midnight, just before Uncle Sam gets serious about how much we owe each other... !!! Better him than me.

I do take the occasional break, and today I have checked out Art(fest) Shenanigans. And what do I find but a whole other blog here. It's fantastic and funtastic, too. Go visit and you'll see what I mean!

I checked on Katie Kendrick's blog and found Art Dog's Life
-- a great site -- which, in turn, led me to Lynn's blog. Wow. New fun, new visuals, new adventures and shenanigans. Not to mention some inspiration.

Go get you some of your own. And then, keep on and
Get More of What You Love.

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