Apr 14, 2009

If Life Gives You Lemons

-- make lemonade. Of course, if you see an image like this on your television screen, breaking out the vodka might not be a bad idea, either.

Hello everyone. Tomorrow, the winner of the April 15th Art Giveaway Drawing will be announced. No lemons here, Gang! You are all winners in my book and good luck to everyone!
Well, not only did we have horrible and rather frightening weather off and on throughout the Classic City this past weekend, my DSL/Internet connection went down Friday. And it's only today (Tuesday) come back. While stressful enough for me, as regards this here blog, email, etc., it is doubly stressful as I actually need these for work.
Of course, the clouds have left as of today, the rains have vacated the vicinity, the t'storms and tornados are letting us be for now, and Heaven and Nature sing with more flowers, birdsong, and warm and sunny skies.
Budding trees are finally unfurling their leaves...
and at our feet, small treasures abound...
nature walks are right outside...
and even the weeds are showing off!

The weekend was not a total washout, however; I took off for a groovy SF-heavy event (do not forget that I really am a bit of a geek) and attended some fantastic panels and such on Steampunk culture, fashions, and the like. And there was a wonderful lecture with a slide presentation on dolls and "dollification" all the way from Fritz Lang's classic "Metropolis" to contemporary tv and movie culture. (Remember "Simone" from a few years back? How about the Japanime robots/women?)
And here is the friend who is having the Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Tea Party in June mentioned in an earlier post. Doesn't she look the part of the Cheshire Cat herself with that big grin?!? She knows she looks good! Here is an extensive and quite good article from Wikipedia on Steampunk itself.

Alas, I have to nip out early tonight. Being without the 'puter for Monday and half of Tuesday means I have to run twice as fast to stay in one place regarding work. Next week, I will again be in the grip of an "earnings season". Wish me continued good fortune -- oh yes, and sanity.

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femminismo said...

Oh, I love your friend's dress and matching hat! Adorable. Sorry to hear about the weather, but glad it's gone and the new leaves are giving you a burst of spring. Hug! -J.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Sorry you were without your internet connection for so long! Withdrawal pangs must have been BIG! Glad that you made it through the icky weather! Love your friend's outfit! :-)

Sarah said...

Good fortune and sanity Candace! Hope the weather continues to improve. Your friend looks good! Have you chosen your outfit yet?
Sarah x