Apr 9, 2009


a.k.a., what the...?! Here in the Classic City, T and I have been so busy preparing for a trip to "Hotlanta" this weekend, I forgot Easter is here, until suddenly it sank into my thick skull that the Big Kahuna of Holy Week will be here in less than 48 hours.

Hello everyone!

Another batch of line drawings and then, I am off to even greener pastures.

In case you can't make out the writing, it reads: Leopard in London.

Black micron pen on top of coloured pencil.

More coloured pencil. The new "improved" Mother Nature... I bet this gal goes barefoot no matter the weather or the terrain. We'll see her again, I bet.

Speaking of greener pastures, Spring is really everywhere now -- . My big yellow daffodils finally withered. I deadheaded them -- ta da! The new crop below. Smaller blossoms, so pale they look paper white, almost translucent.

The beginning of the week was iffy. 30F, with gale force winds for 48 hours straight. (Goodbye, gazebo! Grrr!) Today was a balmy 77 degrees... wait. Did I say balmy? It was actually warm enough to peel off the ubiquitous purple hoodie and just bounce around town in a white tee and sweats... and of course, my Keds. I admit it freely. I wear little kid shoes.

Do you think Mother Nature wears Keds? Or Wellies?

I'm reading a great debut novel, a smokin' post-apocalyptic thriller (waves at Sarah, who is up to some fun things on her blog!). "The Suicide Collectors"... only 10% of the world is left now, most folks having offed themselves from a feeling called "The Despair". The Collectors are a shadowy group of people (? mmmm... I wonder...) who collect the fallen and take them -- where? And for what?
Enter Our Hero... and his sidekick "Pops" who go crosscountry to find the doctor who is said to have the cure. So far, I am enjoying it.

Spring with renewal and revitalization. Apocalypse and despair.

Well, I like to have balance in my life, don't you? I wear pink and black. Sometimes, together. Or pink and gray if I'm feeling my oats! Remember, with every silver lining there's a cloud.

Have a great Friday.
And do get more of what you love!


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I really like your "Mother Nature" drawing with her pink aura! :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for that recommendation-sounds good! I love Mother Nature, especially her earrings. Hope you have a great time in Atlanta. Happy Easter!
Sarah x

femminismo said...

Can't say it enough: Love your ladies. Mother Nature! She looks sane enough, but what's with all this crazy weather in places? Talk to her about that, would you? Best to you, and happy Easter tidings - Jeanne

Lynne said...

Have a Happy Easter Candace.
Love the faces, I feel as if I know some of them!
Isn't it great that Spring is on it's way now, though slower over here.

Denise said...

OK so you're a nutcase waiting for a place to happen. So glad to hear that you're back in the land of the semi-comatose. I missed you! We need to stay connected. There is a very fine line between Spring in the North and African Hibernation in the South!
Big Hugs my friend

aliceinparis said...

Have a happy weekend! Thanks for popping by my blog:)

Charlie said...

Hi Candace!
Girl...you are everywhere aren't you????
Wish I had half your energy. Your girls are awesome!
The weather has been crazy this year. Glad it is finally spring!

Candace said...

Hi everyone and thanks for the great and fun comments. The drawing will be held in just a couple of hours and posted by tomorrow evening. My computer -- Grrrr!!! -- has been out since Friday. dang...
Take care,