Apr 29, 2009

Treasure Trove (and self portrait Wednesday)

Where will the Baby take us today???

Hello Everyone!

Spring is busting out all over as the song goes. All my blog buddies have fabulosa photos of what's happening all the way across the country and all the way around the world. And these irises just keep on going, with or without that energizer bunny. We need to take these to the County Fair for a blue ribbon!

Speaking of blue ribbons, I was stunned when I was chosen out of an impossibly huge drawing for one of two of the ever-talented Ro Bruhn's giveaway, in honour of her 60th... what the??? She doesn't look anywhere near that, trust me! But don't take my word for it. Check out her blog!

And just as the flu was trying to get me in its little grip, here comes a package with just the right kind of medicine. No, not a spoonful of sugar. This Treasure Trove makes me want to try even harder to do right by my Peeps who win monthly tokens here on EyeCandy.

So this will serve a double purpose -- showing the incredible colours that Ro brings out on a regular basis and -- TADA! -- a self portrait for Wednesday. One of the pieces of fabric was soooo gossamer, I had to hold it up against my own self so it would show. So, is it cheating or is this a real self portrait? Mmm.... I took one photo of myself and was horrified how tired and haggard I looked. So, mmm... okay, I am cheating... no racoon eyed face staring out of a pool of tired flesh today, kids!

This is the fabric I mentioned above.

I love buttons.

Generous papers, some heavy and others, light as a thought.

Fabric swatches.

Black lace, every lady's dream!

Lovely ribbons and embroideries.

When I was a kid, I was always reminded, "Don't brag when you have something." Well, in true friendship, rather than brag, I want to share these winnings -- figuratively and literally.
So stay tuned!
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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Love those irises! How beautiful! I've always been a sucker for the white and purple ones! :-)

femminismo said...

Wonderful! A brave self-portrait (or more, if you count hands) and the winner (deservedly) of Ro's wonderful stash. The buttons are cool. Hey, I thought, I could do that myself just placing them on the scanner and then "working" them in Photoshop. Thanks for the clue. Hope your spring is going best ever. Love the iris. None here yet. - Jeanne

Ro Bruhn said...

So glad you like your package, sorry for the long time taken to visit, but life is very hectic at present.