Apr 27, 2009

In the midst of life --

Hello Everyone! Whew! No art tour today, kids. Next time, beep beep, for sure.

Well, this weekend was a pretty good one, marred only by the events in Athens on Saturday, covered on television and in papers. "International manhunt" is not a term I ever thought would be connected with my adopted hometown, the Classic City. It has rattled and haunted everyone, as well it should.
On happier notes, Kitten and Don came over Friday; I felt like it had been FOREVER since I'd seen them -- and we all caught up and did fun stuff like eat more peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, preceded by roast chicken with green beans and potato salad! I enjoy feeding my friends and family -- but some of the shenanigans were artsy in nature, too. Then, Saturday, scoping out a funtastic flea market near here (J&J's) with friends, I found bunches of Barbies which I immediately snapped up. It's never too early to get a headstart on Halloween!

T planted these lovelies last year, not really expecting them to grow. Not only are they growing, there is less than 24 hours between the first shot and the second one, I kid you not. That opening shot that kicked off the blog? Just this afternoon... another burst of growth from nowhere.

And especially for those interested in Lasagna Gardening -- who could that be, Jeanne? -- here is a site/book you may find very helpful! I will occasionally show what I am up to... and guinea pig that I am for these gardening experiments, I'm sure we'll be laughing our heads off.

For instance:
Yours Truly: "Do we have any aged manure?"
T: "Well, I'm 57."

Do more of what you love.


femminismo said...

Wow! The gardening book sounds like a winner. And you're trying it? Can't wait to hear the results. The Mister is the one gardening veggies for us. He bought tomato plants today and split a package of zucchini seeds with another woman at the store because there was only ONE packet left. They both agreed you don't need too many zucchini or you're overrun. Hope things have quieted down in Athens. I read the report in the Red&Black student newspaper. My niece lives in Athens and posted it on Facebook. - Jeanne

Sarah said...

Lovely irises Candace! Mine are just coming out, they are so beautiful aren't they? That is shocking news you shared at the beginning of the post. As feminismo says, hope things have calmed down and that the police have found him.
Can't wait to see what you do with the Barbies-that sentence has a slightly sinister feel to it!
About the award-I should have looked at Anne's list more carefully! It just shows how much we appreciate you!
Sarah :)

Charlie said...

Oh I have that book on lasagna gardening...love it. When you live in south Texas where there is little rain and always on water restrictions you need all the help you can get. Layer layer layer... lol
and don't throw those scraps out.
Your irises are beautiful. Have fun gardening.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Candace! I love irises. Yours are beautiful! Hope all is better for you in Athens.

Thanks for sharing your lovely post and photos! Glad you had a great time catching up with your loved ones. Peach cobbler sounds yummy right now. And flea market finds are always the best.

Have a wonderful week!

Lisa :)

Denise said...

Well when you're done with the aged manure can you pass over what you don't need please, but not via New Zealand ;)
Left you some LUV on my blog.