Apr 21, 2009

Tuesday's Child

is full of grace...

Hello everyone! Starting off with another of My Girls, and finishing up with one of the very best videos I've seen -- thanks to Seth for hipping us to it.

Below are the colours picked for most of the interior (first floor and kitchen) of this big old house. Yes, I've been busy as has T with spring cleaning, yard work, et cetera. Isn't it funny how the colour tiles here are the same as in the snapshot below? Mmmm.... wonder why?

Well, obviously, these are some of our favourites and for good reason. Seen here, on duty, Bess guards the perimeter of our land. And while T rakes leaves and Mr. Bun leans against the oak (see him?), some of us are inside --

having fun with Art Shenanigans! If I were a dog, I think this would be me -- it certainly makes me think of Miss Molly Brown. You can't see it but she's sitting all prim and proper on a stack of books and papers. Nice specs, Coco!

Signing off for now (work really is upon us from now till June) with "Women", a fantastic video I found via Seth Apter's blog here. It's one of the few vids free and "open to the public". You might want to check his blog out, for sure. He is one of the best creatives I know... and wow, is he ever a role model for discipline in action!

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Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
I am Tuesday's child! I love this drawing-stunning eyes.
Talking of eyes-is that your dog with the hilarious specs?! So cute-and I did spot Mr Bun.
Have a good week!
Sarah x

Candace said...

You are? LOL. Thanks for your visit and comments, too!

Gosh, no, if that were Molly Brown, Sarah, you would see a much much bigger dog. Aren't those specs a hoot?

This is a whippet and Molly is a big ol' American Greyhound. Remember, it's America. Everything is BIGGER here. (I need to credit that photographer in the post! Tx.)

Have a good one your own self.
Candace x

Lynn Fisher said...

I love the painting...reminds me of Modigilani (and I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong)
I am a little enamoured with house paint colors myself. Oh and Mr Bun is cute...Sheltie?

Candace said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by.

Bess is a full grown Standard Collie. Like Lassie. She wrangles any chipmunks in the Rock City behind her... and she always acts surprised and rather happy to see Mr. Bun -- go figure.

Thanks for that compliment on Tuesday's Child, too. Appreciate that.
Candace x

Seth said...

Thanks so much Candace for your genrerous thoughts about my artwork and blog. And that video...I was mesmerized by it. I know it is really all about technology but it seemed so natural and organic to me!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Love your drawing! Looks like some fun, fresh, organic colors for the house! :-)

femminismo said...

I saw Mr. Bun! Your yard looks like as much work as ours. Love the paint colors. the dog will blend into the walls, if that's where you'll use the golden brown. the picture is excellent. The eyes, the hair band, it's all so ... perfectamento. - femminismo

Candace said...

Hey there, everyone and thanks again for the visits and very kind comments. sigh... if only we all could get together for some Art Shenanigans! lol.
Good for you, feminissimo -- yes, those colours are just so perfectly matched with the outdoor views I see daily!

Take care, everyone!
Your Correspondent