Apr 22, 2009

Self Portrait Wednesday

Hello Everyone! And Happy Earth Day...!

Judy Wise started this Self Portrait Wednesday deal ... here! She says it so well. And femminismo picked up the ball as did Misty Mawn... and now I see I can only and must continue a very good work...

Self Portrait Wednesday. Won't you join me? If not this week, next?
This sad girl is "Soxy Sadie" and she is my next big project. Like Fat Frank, she was a victim of the ever-so-stealthy Molly Brown. I intend to do Soxy up right. A steampunk sock monkey!

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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Ut-oh! Sock Monkey in the ER! Good thing you're an experienced surgeon and can deal with all Sock Monkey's internal injuries! ;-) Love the frosted globe paperweight, too!

femminismo said...

Oh, gross! Dismemberment! Can it get worse for this little monkey? No, Candace will step in and save the day! Yay! Well, I am actually here to learn about the lasagna garden. Grow a patch for me, will you? Meanwhile, tell me more, tell me more ... Uh oh, "Grease" lyrics running through a head! Oh, the humanity! - J. p.s. Love the self portrait.

Candace said...

Mmm. Lasanga garden patch to the rescue, Jeanne.
Anne, I am indeed experienced with all sorts of patch ups only they end up looking like Frankenmonkey... say, now THERE's an idea!

Southern Girl said...

Candace! Good news! I finally gathered up enought of my nerve to post a Craigslist ad to try to find a summer sublet in Athens. Link is here: http://athensga.craigslist.org/sbw/1136524142.html

If I can find a cool pad, maybe we can meet and have a "Cold Comfort Farm/Enchanted April" Film Fest? :)Or at least a Jittery Joe's coffee!

Judy Wise said...

Brava for the self portrait - I love it. Hope you'll keep 'em coming. And poor little sock monkey. Phone 9-1-1 right away. xo

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Candace! Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet message.

Awwh! Sock Monkey needs some immediate love. Thanks for sharing!


femminismo said...

You are such a sweetheart. I just found your comment on the prayer page. It is a lovely prayer - full of good things for we humans to consider. - Jeanne

Denise said...

Sock It To You Monkey! Check my blog. Left you some LUV!

Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
I like your self portrait-very contemplative for earth day. Poor Sock Monkey,good job you are on the case!
Sarah x

Sarah said...

Hi again!
Just wanted to let you know I am passing on an award to you!
Sarah x

Candace said...

Hello All and thank you so much for your fun and very funny comments. LOL, Soxy Sadie brings that out in folks.

As many of you know we had a horrifying event in Athens this weekend, but I and the Peeps are all fine. Thank you for your concern.
Take care.