May 20, 2009

Another Self Portrait -- but Wait!

There's More.

Hello everyone!

Yes, that's me, obviously thrilled to be here. Again, let me remind you all that I do. not. like. pink. Yet, I wear it quite a bit. Why? Because everyone tells me I look good in pink... the word vainglorious comes to mind, doesn't it?

The past weekend was a busy one and a fun one to boot. To be honest, T and I needed a day out of town.

1. Friday was an art day with Kitten. We had a fantastic time, and she showed me the hows and wherefores of making your own glass art pendants. They take about 15 minutes... sort of.

Okay, that's a lie -- courtesy of Art Shenanigans. These pendants take approximately 24 hours because the glue has to completely set. But it only takes 15 minutes, honest, to slap one together.

Unless, of course, you are like Miss Indecisive here (aka "everything looks great!") and it takes you an hour to decide what you want. But my choice was finally made and here it is below.

I chose the Athenaesque stamp for obvious reasons -- one being the Classic City connection and two, travel and communication. Both are important to yours truly and I daresay, some of you. Jeanne comes to mind as she is off on a different type vacation. Go say hi.

2. Saturday, T and I drove 90 minutes to visit T's brother Steve and wife Olivia for his birthday. He and T are close -- really, everyone likes him. He's a great great guy. We saw a movie and afterwards had lunch in Franklin, North Carolina at Cody's, this great diner here ...

... fun! It was a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, like most folks around here. I loved Franklin and can't wait to go back as there are lots of art galleries and exhibits and such to explore.

Steve and Olivia have done some beautiful as well as quirky stuff with their home and land up in the mountains. Check out the face on that tree.

Then a closer look at what is nestled in by the bench past that tree. A really lovely place to sit and reflect.

Ladyslippers! Read about them here and you'll understand why I was thrilled.

But the real star of the show was Daisy -- who poses ever so deliberately, so carefully, so regally when a camera comes her way, we always fall over laughing.

She very carefully guarded this -- can you see the frog?
I finally managed a photograph after several attempts and lots of sneaking around, always followed by Daisy and the ever-growling Sam. Sam is not to be trifled with, as this lizard under the rock is about to discover, although the boy really is a pretty good fellow.

I'll be back next week, with the June Is Busting Out All Over Art Drawing and Giveaway.
Until then, get more of what you love.


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Love Daisy the Dog and that she was guarding the frog! Very cute! :-) And, don't be silly! I'll enter you in the drawing for my waterfalls photo card!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hey candace..i love the color pink...vera is laying on my chest sleeping and her best buddy -biggie is laying to my right all snuggley on the is his 3rd b-day....thank you for leaving m a comment...xoxo

femminismo said...

Hi, pal! Thanks for the mention and the comments. Love the bench near the pool. Hostas all around and cool trees. Frogs and lizards! What a retreat. I'm back from the coast with some sort of tummy ache. I forgot I don't like vacations because I invariably get sickish. Different water, maybe? Anyway, I will live to blog on and on and on ... Jeanne

Victorian Lady said...

You do look great in pink! :) What a great post! Good to catch up with you! :)

Charlie said...

I agree you look great in Pink! It goes so well with your skin tone.Your photos are so beautiful. and I love Daisy too. What a cutie. Oh and thanks again for all the sweet comments over on my blog. So nice to hear from you. Stay happy and keep on blog'n. Love reading about your shenanigans.