May 14, 2009


Hello Everyone!

To begin, here is a little peep of the first head I made from the Craft Porcelain shown in the last post on this here blog. It was fun, but I can tell I need to get with it!

Furthermore, I found that it was impossible to not give him/her (it?) those jeweled eyes. To me, they added more than just a physical sparkle. And I believe this is a Creature of the Night or somesuch. Well, the feline ears give that much away, I guess. And look at that grin that's started up on its mug. Like a Cheshire Cat --! Maybe it's Kitty Boy espying his wet food.

And as promised, shots of my experiments with lasagna gardening below as I begin this new type cultivation and soil amendment. Many many thanks to T as well as this lady.
Tools of the trade above and the beginning of the work below.

Doesn't look like much now, does it? That's actually five layers of wet newspaper, topped with peat moss, organic materials, and then more peat moss. Hosed down lightly till it's like a damp sponge. Finishing up, in went the lambs ear (some of these plants and herbs have rather colourful names). It won't be alone in this garden for long, trust me.
That's all, Folks! More later on "Somesuch". The light at the end of that tunnel is happily enough not a train...! Toot toot!


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows! Hope you'll keep us updated! :-)

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love what you made especially the eyes....very cheshire cat like!

ArtSparker said...

Nice gargoyle - that is what it looks like to me.

Halima said...
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femminismo said...

I'm with Artsparker. Does look gargoylish. Sort of like that green "monster," who's really nice. Your fellow has such a cute grin. Hey, I'm at the seaside. It's raining outside (slightly dampish) and I'm doing any darn thing I want! I love it. And you're the best! Thanks for all your comments. Did I mention you're the best? - Jeanne

Laura B said...

Hi Candace,
I just found you through the Art from Books group, and love your blog! Good luck with your green fingered project, I love planting and waiting for surprises :)

Charlie said...

Wow!!! you cat turn out great! I like his eyes as well.
Good luck on your gardening project...have you started a compost bin yet????
I have silver trash can which I drilled holes in. I think the project is in the book you are reading. Well worth it.

Ro Bruhn said...

The clay sounds really good, I'll have to check it out. I like the idea of no-dig gardening, we have a system over here, that uses layers of paper, straw and compost with very successful results.

beedeebabee said...

Hi there! I've never heard of lasagna gardening...that's a pretty cool idea. Love to know how your garden does! Your adorable little head does look like a cheshire cat! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for leaving such a sweet compliment! Paulette :o)

Sarah said...

That little fellow with his sparkly eyes is just full of life! When I read about you doing lasagne gardening before, I thought you were growing the ingredients for lasagne! Now I know what you meant! Interesting, looking forward to seeing the results.

Seth said...

Cool little creature for sure!

Sarah said...

No I have not read that but it sounds interesting. I like the idea of a colour as a character. I read somewhere about 'Amelie' which I love and all the red imagery in it. I hadn't noticed! I need people to tell me these things! Have a fun weekend.
Sarah x