May 4, 2009

Guess Who and What's That?

Hello Everyone!

Why Look Here! A Key Lime Cake from a Baptist Church Bake, that's what. Is that colorful or what?! Looks like this Ladies Aid Society is outwardly sedate but inwardly flamboyant. Thanks to my dear friend Tammy for scoping this dessert out and bringing it over yesterday. We all (10 of us, anyway!) fell on it with rapturous cries, accompanied by cups of hot, strong coffee. It was delicious, trust me!

And now, guess who? I already have this artist's address so unless she just wants to say hi, no need to send it. And I daresay she has my 'number'!

Congrats to Jeanne, practically my first blog friend and connection into the larger world found in Blogovia. There ya go, Pal! And honest, Mister, this was an above the board drawing... would Ms. Bun allow any real shenanigans?

Starting last week, I was (and still am) deep in the heat of things at work and, except for announcing the Merry Month of May winner, I will be scarce for a bit -- like two weeks or so. booooo.... No problem, I will still visit all of you and more! (this will not affect the June Drawing... so, dry your eyes.)

I do hope to post Self Portrait on Wednesdays, and when I return (certainly before Memorial Day!?), EyeCandy will have fun things for you all to see and/or scoff at from The Classic City Itself!

Above is a looksee at the latest in My Garden of Not so Earthly Delights. Every time I get ready to mow the lawn, we have torrential rains or I have to work past daylight hours. Mmm.... I need some GARDEN GNOMES. I wonder do they cut grass?

Speaking of grass cuttings, I have my lasagna garden started up. Photos later, kids, and a real adventure it is, believe me!

Thanks everyone! This was the largest turnout yet. Don't forget -- what did Miss Candace say about everyone in these monthly drawings and giveaways? "You are all winners to me!" That's right, kids... Because you are.

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femminismo said...

Oh, I get to leave the first comment - if I hurry and post before someone else. I forget we can all be working at the same time on the Net. It's magic! And I am so thrilled to get picked. Too good, and I think I inhaled a slice of that key lime cake through the monitor screen. I feel a pound heavier, anyway. Yes, send me my prize. Which reminds me, I owe one to someone else. I'd better get busy on that. And, Candace, you take care and don't work too hard. Thanks for the pics and your comments too!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! That cake looks yummy! I love how it is arranged on the platter! I would have never thought of that ... but it is fabulous! Congrats to the May winner! :-)

Charlie said...

Hi's the gardening going? Sounds like you are working way too hard.And yes it would be nice if you could send some of that rain over to my neck of the woods.
Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Congrats to your winner! That cake looks too good to be true-that colour! I must look for a recipe. We had a meeting about governors and their role last night at school. The best thing was the humungous array of cakes that Annette our lovely cook had made. Oh dear my waistline!
Beautiful flower too-is it a clematis? THe snails have munched mine.
Sarah x