May 6, 2009

Self Portrait Wednesday 6 May

Self Portrait Wednesday again?! Didn't I just do one? Why do I look so fuzzyyy...???

mmm... is it CDN or CN? "Hey, T, is the new abbreviation for Canadian dollars CDN or CN?"

Hello everyone!

Wow, when one is trying to stretch as an "artist"… just be prepared to make some real bonehead mistakes. That’s all I will say for now. Anything else and I might bust out crying.

On a happy note, Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa is this Sunday, which is also Mother’s Day and Graduation at UGA… hot, muggy and totally fun especially since friend and sister artist Christie Wooke will be there.

Photos of this event will post later that evening, hopefully, along with some fun Farmer’s Market pickin’s . Yes, the market is open again on Saturdays here in the Classic City. I can’t wait!

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again... and now, back to work... !


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! It's okay to make mistakes! Really! Just means your human like the rest of us! Hope you cheer up soon! Hugs! :-)

Bejeweled said...

It's OK to make mistakes. Sometimes happy accidents are the road to something new and wonderful!

Don't you just love Farmer's Markets? I do! So much goodness and fresh local goodies. Can't wait to see your pics!

Oh, and look at that key lime cake! Yum, yum! And with nice strong coffee too .. ah yes, true rapture indeed! :D

Sarah said...

I love that photo-so expressive-you look like a really worried but nontheless professional DJ! And as Anne says it is human to make mistakes and I always say it is good to do so as it's the only way to learn-you know that though!
So enjoy the craftstravaganza-that is difficult to spell.
Did you spot the really old looking tv in my pic? THat is what grabbed my attention. It made me a bit sad too as there were lots of things at the tip that day that looked like the clearout from an old person's home-things like boxes covered in shells and old fashioned mirrors. No longer wanted by the next generation. Sad sad sad!
Lets be cheery-it is nearly the weekend!
Sarah x

Charlie said...

Beautiful rose!
I agree with all above about mistakes. They're gonna happen. You'll probably come out so much the wiser because of it.