May 10, 2009

Mothers Day and Rome

There is nothing that makes me sicker than totally missing something I've been waiting a year for -- short of drinking wolf's milk.

Craftstravanganzaa Spring 2009 was last weekend and not this one. DOH! Read about it and see awesome photos here.

Hello everyone!

What the...???

Anyway, I did indeed travel to the Athens Farmer's Market which you can read about here and found these totally funtastic necklaces among other handmade local goods as well as fresh produce and yummy coffee at Bishop Park.

And today is Mother's Day. For the occasion, T went in to visit Fran, the matriarch of the clan, and took in a gift I found Saturday at the aforementioned fabu Farmer's Market. Frances is about 4'10" -- no kidding -- but believe me, you do not want to mess with her. She is the She-wolf of Rome. I was thrilled when I found THIS baby

and I sent it on as a token of my appreciation for not only the fine job she has done on T and Steve, but on herself as well. Fran has lived in Rome, Georgia forever, as far as I know. She is very proud of her hometown and even has tokens of the above Romulus and Remus statue (the alleged founders of the original Rome) around her house. She was a single mother when it was not common or very popular, and brought all her kids up to be self sufficient originals.

When my own mother died in '96 (and it gets harder sometimes, the older I get, instead of easier --), Fran told me she would be My Mother now. If she only knew the aggravation I had caused Beatrice Wiggins -- without meaning to, I promise! -- I think she'd take it back. ha!

So anyway -- have a great Mother's Day, all. And take a note from my page and recheck your calendars so YOU don't miss anything. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go call my sister in law and my sister to wish them a good day, too.

Take care!


Sarah said...

Oh that is so disappointing when that happens! Never mind, there is always next year. On Khaled's blog he has a poem for Mothers already in Heaven and one for those still here which I thought was really sweet. Hope you enjoyed the day and have a good week.
Sarah x

Charlie said...

Well I hope you had a nice Mothers Day....I'm so lucky to still have mine with me. I know you miss yours but you know she is always with you in your memories. Take care and have a good week.