May 11, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Today was the first hint of the lull after the storm that is earnings season at work. Whew... thank goodness. This gave me a little extra time with Art Shenanigans seen in the group below.

There was also time for some gardening, going over these packets which were given out Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Taking a trip to Cofer's Home and Garden Showcase (five convenient minutes away), I purchased 50 lbs of peat moss which probably sounds like a LOT -- and hey, it is -- but trust me, it will be gone in no time!

But in the meantime, how am I going to get 50 lbs of peat moss out of my hatchback?!

One of the tenants on my land -- This is why we do not have rats or other vermin. Needless to say -- as King keeps us pest free we, in turn, leave him alone other than to oooo and ahhhh over him when he shows up in his over six supple feet of glory. The sun hits that fellow and he glistens as if oiled. Just a beautiful, beautiful boy.

The honeysuckle has taken over part of the girls' fence, scenting the entire land, the bees staggering around drunk from it, the air fragrant even at night thanks to its perfume, wafting through the open dining room window. The roses --? I've never had so many. This is just one bunch of them. The greenery is finally in and standing at attention.

I wish you could see it when the sun shines on the hedge of honeysuckle. Magic!

Anne's token is on the snail trail to her and Jeanne's almost ready to go out, finally. And I have begun another journal, this one on 140 lb. cold press. Live and learn.



Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Yay! You got some art time! Wooo-hooo! Love your drawings. The honeysuckle is pretty! :-)

Charlie said...

Love your snake. I hate it when people kill snakes just because. They are soooo beneficial. We have a few hanging around too.
Love your drawings and so glad you have some art time too. ANd Thanks so much for your sweet comments over on my blog. I'm not sure what I would do without my blog friends you all have been so supportive.

Sarah said...

I love the faces, especially number two and the last lady with their lovely cheeks! King is amazing. Does he just go around freely as he wants?
I love honeysuckle, it smells so delicious. Mine has lots of green so I am hoping for lots of flowers soon.
Sarah x

Candace said...

Hi everyone.
thanks for your kind comments!

Well, King stays away from the Girls in their penned in yard, of course. They would make fairly short work of him. Other than that, he is the monarch of the glen I live in but he tends to stay close to his den.
Far too many pickings for him to stray!

Take care, everyone.