Jun 10, 2009

Self Portraits Wednesday -- Really

Hello Everyone!

A self portrait experiment which will unfold over the next few -- days? No can do. Weeks? Mmm... don't want to inflict the same old same old on anyone, not even for Art Shenanigans.

Well, heck, why not now?

No art tour today, Kids. And Jeanne, that package is on its way. Cross my heart...
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femminismo said...

That is too cool. Almost like a movin' pitcher show, if you scroll fast enough! And thanks! I almost forget a self-portrait! - Jeanne

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! You're so brave posting self-portraits! I like so very few photos of myself! Glad to hear you received your card! :-)

Lisa H said...

Ah, the Self Portrait!
I like your take on the concept, and it's hard to find something new and refreshing. Well Done!

Sarah said...

I never was good at those guess what it is close up games so I am glad you did the reveal today! Fun idea! Hope you are having a good weekend!

Charlie said...

Very cool!
You are so creative. What a great way to do a self portrait.
Just keep on keeping on!
Have a great summer.

Janet said...

I gotta say . . . that's pretty darn cool!