Jun 17, 2009

Self Portrait and Paper Ladies (Breaking News)

Hello Everyone!

Breaking News: Another truly sad and frightening day for Athens and just before Athfest, too.

This building was just wonderful with a rich musical and cultural history (the South's FIRST YMCA) and I am sure the entire community will pitch in but the damage is done...

Soon the Self Portraits will cease and desist but for now... here I am thrilled beyond measure to have finally arrived in Atlanta, kicking off my shoes, kicking up my heels and jumping onto the hotel's luxurious bed for a quick nap before yet another round of pressing flesh and private parties. Sigh... where's the champagne? Where's the chocolate?

Remember the Art Shenanigans Art Drawing and Giveaway is July 4th. Whoever comments on this here blog during the whole month of June gets a chance at the prize drawing on July 4th. Sarah's little June Treat is in the mail as of this week and Jeanne's is circling an airport somewhere... sigh... what the??? This is the second time the P.O. should be spelled P.U. -- mmm. Maybe there is an oddball art fan at the postoffal.

Yet another appearance by The Paper Ladies, their sartorial splendour highly influenced by my recent reading materials. "The Sheltering Sky", "The Cairo Trilogy", "The Alexandria Quartet". Why are they so fuzzy? Mmmm... maybe following a quicker picker upper they will reappear in a better setting another time.

When I was a kid, I truly thought nothing would be grander than to ride in a caravan -- or to walk alongside the camels, coaxing them to move on with nothing more than a stick, visiting the open market, eating food roasted on a spit while I sat beside an open fire and under the open sky ...

What a romantic little bookworm I was!

Still I get my doses of this lifestyle and intrigue through novels and, today, the Ladies.

See you Sunday with a Special Summer Solstice Treat! It's going to be a wink and a nod to the Shakester Himself. Sarah Wallis’s “Titania” started my wheels turning a few months ago, so you Brits can tune in for The Yank’s Version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And actual Yanks can check out The Southern Belle's Edition of A Midsummer Night's Scream!

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beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace! You're sooo funny! I really like reading your posts. Great picture, and those two new paper girlies are so cute!!!... that drink was a raspberry cordial! Sounds yummy! Like the blue background also!!! Have a great time in Atlanta! Paulette :o)

femminismo said...

You are funny! And you were in Atlanta for your self-portrait. Great! I like the picture - you're smiling! Thanks for your comment on mine. As usual your imagination has given me much more credit than I'm due. I just was going for a quick shot, sort of blurry to disguise my neck (not as brave as you). Then you came up with this interpretation that was just wonderful. I like it ... and yes, that's what I was going for! haha And I can wait for my lady. I know what you mean about the post office. Yes, PU. Talk to you later. Sorry about the theater. - Jeanne

Denise said...

I started off all sad because of what sounds like had been a wonderful building was no more and then laughing! Talk about emotional rollercoaster ride! You sure are one funny lady! Enjoy!

Janet said...

what a shame about the theater. after so much work, and i'm sure a lot of love too. hope it all works out for him.

love your ladies. haven't heard of any of those books. great! now more that i'll want to read and add to either my list or my pile.

have a good week!

Victorian Lady said...

Hey there! :) I came check up on you! Love your self portraits! I wanted to be in a caravan too...the Saturn one! Ginger was my first car...a little red coupe and SO cute! I swore I was going to go there for the tour. Never did make it though. Here's to caravans! :)


candy said...

oh hello there! It was nice of you to post your self-portrait!
What a great smile you have!