Jun 22, 2009

Setting The Stage

Hello Everyone.
Why do I love these mirrors? What draws me to glass, light and silver? In the day as well as the dark of night --

To me, they whisper magic, faerieland, secret landscapes both internal and external, where anything can happen -- and does!

Sidebar: I'm having a real problem uploading my posts. So please bear with me while I try to figure this out. None of my art of the last week will load. I get errors and after spending an hour on what is to be a fun missive, it is a bit aggravating to have errors pop up in even more aggravatingly garish colours, telling you that this just won't DO!

So this is why Midsummer Night's Dream artwork is not here. However I have some other lovely photos so why don't we just treat ourselves like we really are putting on the play? What a great idea. Let's cross our fingers while we set the stage, shall we?

More tomorrow --


femminismo said...

Oh, I am sorry you are having trouble! It's no fun to plan the post and have great pictures and then not be able to do what you want. I love the mirrors. You're right about the worlds inside and out. I got my package today and I was really surprised! I thought I would have a lady dancing in my ferns, but that dragonfly work is spectacular! Did I tell you I collect dragonflies and have oodles of earrings and pins? Thank you so much for such a special present. You're the best blog friend ever! - Jeanne

candy said...

wow! that first photo took me by surprise! I could look at that for a while!


Sarah said...

I read this post and your last one this morning but I can't comment in the mornings-it is too much like talking and I am not a morning person!
Hope you had fun in Atlanta. That is sad about the theatre fire.
I love those mirrors too. I have loads of mirrors in my house and I don't think I am particularly vain-I just like them and they do have a magical quality-the spaces behind them are so enticing.
Hope you get your blog glitches sorted out soon!
Sarah x