Jul 12, 2009

The Bridges of Madison County Redux

Hello Everyone!

Camping out at Walton State Park was fun for T and a trio of friends who gathered for an overnighter. I stayed at home with the Girls, thinking of femminismo and her frequent campouts with Mister. If it's good enough for Oregon, it's good enough for Georgia!

Yes, I thought this is indeed the bridge supposedly filmed in the Streep-Eastwood movie and mentioned in the book, "The Bridges of Madison County". Below is a second shot of the same bridge. I can't believe I did not get a shot of how it looked inside. Talk about Shadow Shot Sunday -- Sarah would have had a field day! (Note: No, THAT bridge was in Madison County, Illinois -- not Madison County, Georgia.)

Gorgeous scenery.
Fantastic log cabins. Tammy brought a quilt, draping it over the bannister to give Cabin 2 a homey look and feel.

Even the privy was a real building, complete with an old-fashioned tin roof and real amenities inside, including a working shower.

What was here, once upon a time? Or was someone's dream interrupted before its realization? I saw this on the way back to Athens yesterday, after dropping off T and enough food to feed an army. Alone in a field -- beautiful in the light,with what looked like a cairn! So, of course, I had to have a photo of it.

There were horse trails for local equestriennes as well as hiking and biking trails at Walton State Park; wildlife observation decks; fishing and general goofball fun. Goofball fun? Yeah, that's when grownups slide on their bums down the slick rocks to splash into the pools of water in the river.

Packing up in this last photo to get out of there. The quilt has already been carefully folded and stashed in a trunk for its journey home.
I myself will be staying in Cabin 3 hopefully soon -- or next January. THAT should be fun! Cold, though. Maybe I can borrow that quilt. And since it's only 15 miles from Athens -- perfect!
Take care!


beedeebabee said...

Hey Candace!

Now that looks like the perfect spot to relax, beautiful too! Is that really THE bridge??? I loved that movie...I so wanted her to go with Eastwood at the end. Darn!

Paulette :o)

Candace said...

LOL. Oops, no, but it's just as beautiful. Covered bridges are just so magical, aren't they?

femminismo said...

Madison County, Ga.? Is there one, really? I live in Washington County. Madison, Washington ... get it? Both presidents! Thanks for the link to my page. You're sweet. Looks like a great cabin and the quilt's the perfect touch. Winter time camping can be fun, too, in a nice warm cabin with a nice warm fire! Hello from the Mister!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Looks like a great time! I could use a little camp-out myself. May have to settle for a walk in the woods with my hubby one day soon! :-)

beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace!

...You got me on the movie ... are you sure that's NOT the bridge?...giggle, giggle! but this is NO far...I had to whip out my dictionary for "phantasmagorium"! Thank you for you sweet words, they always make me smile!

:o) Paulette

beedeebabee said...

OMG...I meant to type "fair"...now I look like an even bigger idiot! :o)

Sarah said...

This looks like a lovely place! The bridge is amazing. We don't have covered bridges here though we could probably do with them! And the shadows are lovely!

Mimi Hollace Green said...

Didn't we have a lovely time? The burned frankfurters were not the least of the delights. Only wish you could have stayed much longer, Miss Lillie Kathleen Candace, Dear Heart. You should have stayed the weekend. It would have MADE the weekend, let me just say.

Artist Retreat? I think we should do it. E-vite down some of your lovely blog pals. It would be a scandal and a riot.

Very Truly Yours,

Mimi Hollace Green