Jul 9, 2009

Simple Things

Hello Everyone! I was thinking today about some of the simple things in my immediate world today and when I went to visit Janet's blog here, I saw that Wednesday the 8th had been an actual bloggers' day regarding the theme of simple.

Maybe it's the time of year -- here in this part of the world, we throw off the heavy coats and shoes needed for the cold dark days here and slip into lighter apparel, literally and figuratively. Or "maybe it's the time of man," as the lyrics go ... and "we've got to get ourselves back to the garden," as the song finishes up. (Okay, who doesn't know what I am talking about?)

Well, not exactly a garden shot here -- but this is why I don't put "faces" up on trees in my yard as T's brother did at his home -- see it?

Look closer....

Do you see it now? Faces in nature -- you may remember my rock of a few months ago.

And the lovely Ms. Nuthatch broods about quality time with th0se eggs, no doubt. (We think she's a single mother as we've seen no Mister Nuthatch around.) The little post-it reads: "NESTING BIRD INSIDE. DO NOT DISTURB" or somesuch.

Lizard. Sunning. What else do we need to know?

I like lizards and snakes. Bugs. Insects. Worms. The things I am supposed to not like, simply because of my gender. Should have been a scientist, maybe!

And speaking of sunning, I like the sun and its myriad shadows. The warmth and the magic its own light and opposing darkness cast on me, my deck, the lawn, the street, the world.

That "rope" you see on the banister is actually small white lights one associates with winter holidays. I like them year round on my deck ... always a bit of magic, always a mystery. I got the idea from "Mr. Robert", my sister's friend. Visiting him once, he had placed similar lights around his small but cosy courtyard as we sat outside, dishing dirt and eating dinner. What fun!

Below is "my" favourite pot -- what could be more simple than this lovely cobalt cooker? Left here in Athens (on purpose) by my friend Miss Jeanne, now in London. How I miss her!

And as always, Art Shenanigans. The simplest one around.
Here is Hermia, in progress... from "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Is she sleeping? Dreaming? Scheming?
Check back in a few and find out what is happening with her and the rest of the friendly cast and crew of the Bard's best comedy (imho). The ferns seen earlier this season will make a lovely background now. They stand taller than yours truly!
So until then,
Get More of What You Love.


Janet said...

Hey Candace! Thank you for the mention! and i love your photos. i saw the face in the tree right away. and i love the sunlight through the slats on your deck AND the mini lights. i'm a big fan of them year round too!

femminismo said...

Oh, OK. Your ferns are bigger than my ferns. Must be the humidity that does it. I saw the face in the tree right away! When I clicked on it, it got a bit scary, like it had jack o' lantern teeth. But then I saw the "mouth" again when you made the photo larger and I can see I was looking at the wrong space for a mouth earlier. (blah, blah, blah) I do go on, don't I? Simple sounds really good right about now. It's gray here today. Only 59 degrees F. Bye bye. Have good fun! - Jeanne

Sarah said...

Lovely simple things! I love the pan and Hermia is beautiful-especially her hair.