Jul 14, 2009

Cheep Thrills

Remember the four little eggs we had? We now have three baby birds. Ms. Nuthatch is good to them but one didn't work out. Terribly tiny and weak from the get-go. But three out of four is good, considering that clutch she had. (We like to say the ones that don't make it are sent back to the Institute of Natural Selection for a tune up.)

Hello everyone!

You may also remember the photo of our red doe, a few posts ago. I told you about Buck and Sal, and how they were a young pair of animals, settling down now and then off my driveway to take their afternoon nap together in the blackberry bushes.

Well, here he is. The boon of her existence --

and the bane of my tomato plants. Check out the now nonexistent tops... what the??? The plants are now surrounded by metal guards -- which reminds me of closing the barn door after the horses have run out.
Buck has two other does in his harem and there is a splendid little fawn, still on Sal's udders. They all made a lovely picture early Sunday morning -- a picture I unfortunately did not get as Molly and Bess raced out the back, barking to beat the proverbial band and scattering the herd.

That's what dogs do, they ruin your shots and break your heart every time you think you have a sure thing.
Speaking of sure things,
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SummersStudio said...

How lucky you are to have such an abundance of nature around you! We do have a pair of cardinals and more squirrels than are natural, thanks to the pecans. Bob and Alice take care of the squirrels. Patient animals they are, they dream of one day actually catching them. Me, I have nightmares that they might actually succeed. Happiness, LeAnn

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Sorry the deer are eating your tomato plants! We have a cherry tomato plant that we keep on the back deck, where we can keep an eye on it. Have had a small harvest of about 3 to 5 tomatoes so far, too! Good luck with yours! :-)

Anairam said...

Oh, that Molly and Bess! But I am sure they enjoyed barking at the deer and probably doing a bit of chasing as well ... maybe they will make a good substitute picture?

Denise said...

Deer and cherry tomato plants .... roll on Spring, please! My bone marrow is frozen.Thanks for sharing your sunny and warm and endearing photos with us.
Dogs do what dogs do! Right? Just love them Atom Ant :)
Cool Hugs my friend

beedeebabee said...

Hey Candace!
I swear, I'd give my right arm to be able to look out back and see deer in my yard! You're sooo lucky!!! We've got lots of critters, but we have to go a little further east to see deer. Glad the birdies are doing well. I do feel bad for the poor little one that didn't make it.
Hope your tomato plant perks up, now that you've built him a fortress...sorry, but I did giggle a bit when I saw that photo!
Have a great weekend!
Paulette :o)