Jul 17, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Wow, there’s nothing like finding past glories in one’s art journal and revamping them a bit. This was a Valentine’s Day drawing. The arms are a bit looong. But that’s Art Shenanigans for you. Let's not focus on perfection ALL the time, it could ruin what spontaneous fun we might have.

The text reads "xoxoxo, Darling, My Heart is Yours." And on the blue, reads "Love Has Made Me Brave, Wild, Reckless and Completely Insane".

From now till July 31, make a comment or somesuch on this here blog to let me know you have paid a visit and you will be forthwith entered into the Augustpalooza Art Giveaway Drawing!

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Mimi Hollace Green said...

Delightful Whimsybritches,

You know I love all your artistry. I was wondering when the tendril fingered girls were going to make their reappearance. Love those faces, but the body of one's artistic work sometimes longs for, well... a body.

Good to see some of your girls below the shoulders and I do not mean that in a vulgar way whatsoever.

Very Truly Yours,

Mimi Hollace Green

Candace said...

The body of my work is forthcoming... lol.
Thank you for your very kind comments and encouragement.

beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace!
I love how you wrote in her hair, and those adorable little heart balloons too!
It's fun to look back at what we've created in the past. Most of the time I like it better looking back, than I did at the time of it's creation!
Paulette :o)

Sarah said...

I love the way your ladies have things sprouting from their fingers! Her long arms just add to the effect that gives so here's to long arms!
Have a lovely weekend!
Sarah x

Janet said...

her arms aren't too long. they look just like my arms. are they too long? ;) i think it's wonderful!

Anairam said...

I like that she wears glasses. (I wear them for proofreading and editing.) I love that you are in the word business as well. Sometimes it drives me crazy (I mean the word business, and not the fact that you are in it too), but at the moment there is a lull, a rather loooong lull, which financially speaking is not good, but in other ways, is very good. Like, at the moment, I am not crazy. And I do not have to wear my glasses. Back to your drawing. I like her heart-sprouting fingers and heart-inspired fashionable collar and heart-shaped earrings as well. I think she deserves to be recklessly and wildly and insanely in love ...

Candace said...

Wow, I wonder how many of us out there in Blogovia are in proofing and editing? I know I am and you are and Pal Jeanne is, too.

Mmmm.... curiouser and curiouser.

Say, everyone, have a great great week!
Candace in Athens.