Jul 21, 2009


Violet has trust issues.

Hello everybody!

That’s what the text in her hair tells us, anyway. But who doesn’t have that, once in a while, even in a blue moon? This is a bit of a page from an art journal I am working on a piece at a time (read: weekly if I'm lucky).

The rest of the text? Well, you can enlarge the image but might have to be patient because when trust is gone --- well, everything takes longer to download, doesn't it?

Take care and get more of what you love.


beedeebabee said...

Hiya Candace! Well...she most certainly DOES look like she has trust issues! You nailed her expression perfectly!!! I've never kept an art journal... Looking forward to seeing more of yours. Paulette :o)

femminismo said...

The expression is perfect, beedeebabee is right. I really like all the curving sentences about trust. sometimes that is the best therapy, to just write and ponder freely and let what words "will be" come up to surface. surprising what we learn about ourselves. Thanks for all your comments and staying in touch - Jeanne

Sarah said...

I hope Violet can regain the trust she has lost! She does have a very distrustful face! I love the colours of this drawing.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I think we all have trust issues from time to time, especially after someone close has done something shocking to us, that feels like a betrayal.

I love the colors you've used in your drawing. And the facial expression is great and goes well with the theme!

By the way, I've nominated you for The Circle of Friends Blog Award as part of my first blogoversary celebration. I appreciate your frequent visits and comments! It means so much! :-)

Candace said...

Well, goodness! I do appreciate everyone's comments and kind visits. I love those colours too and of course, I had to put ferns into the mix. LOL.

And thanks much, Anne, for the Circle of Friends Blog Award! That is a humbling concept to me, to be awarded for doing what I love and what comes natural. ;)

Take care, Peeps!

bindu said...

Violet's expression matches the sentiment perfectly! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

Lynne said...

Hi Candace,
I thought of you the other night when I watched 'War of the Worlds' again and saw the place name Athens. Is that where you live, near the Hudson river I believe?
Loved catching up with your wildlife.