Jul 20, 2009


Hello Everyone!

A work of a work in progress. Besides “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, I have this Dryad Project going on. Both are whipping my heinie… but I'm having a blast with all of it! Speaking about a blast, go
here to read about my and Mimi Hollace Green's roadtrip last week. Fantabulous.

What happens to a dryad when her tree is destroyed, cut down, taken away? Does she disappear altogether, not unlike the tree? Or, does she remain unseen, stuck to the stump, shackled to the memory of there once having been a tree and, for her, a home?

Does she go with the tree, to become a floor or a desk or a series of newspapers -- still there but her environment now vastly changed, perhaps urbanized? So hug a tree. You never know, she might hug you back.

The AUGUSTPALOOZA Art Drawing and Giveaway is Saturday, August 1st. It’s sure to be fun. Just leave a comment here on EyeCandy so your name can be popped into the tophat and, like a magician with the rabbit, I will pull someone’s token out of the Magic Hat at Midnight – The Witching Hour!

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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! What an interesting thought! Something to ponder. Pretty drawing! :-)

Sarah said...

Wow you have really made me think-what does happen to them? I am going to worry about it now I know I am! As well as hugging a tree I might give all my wooden furniture a little pat and a kind word too!
Sarah x

femminismo said...

Oh, I love the dryad. She is wonderful. How delicious to think of spirits in the wood of the trees. Good job, pal - jeanne

beedeebabee said...

She's beautiful Candace! I love the tilt of her head, her profile, and all that flowing hair! I'll look at all my oaks differently now! Hugs, Paulette :o)