Aug 9, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Last week, Kitten gave me this small tin and said, "Here is your new challenge." I love it when she does that until I hear what it is. "Make a shrine." Mmm... but it's so tee tiny.
"I said it was a challenge. You can do it! And while we're at it, here's another challenge for you."

I ducked and covered but no dice. Kitten gave me a 1 inch by 1 inch stretched canvas (you read that right) and said, "Paint one of your Lovely Ladies on this."

Before I could even form a thought, let alone voice a word of protest, she added. “NOT just the head. I want to see an entire person on this.” DOH! But what I said was, “No problem.”

Tell Me, Peeps, do YOU have a shrine of any size whatsoever to share with us? If so, I would like to try for a SHRINE DAY FOR LABOR DAY (the first Monday in September for you non US types). How’s about it? (Simply because it’s going to take me that long to do it, believe me! Just when I think I am working small, I realize I’ve picked up extra millimeters.)

T and I took a short roadtrip today to visit some friends in Decatur. It was the first time I had visited their new home.

Nic is a great b&w photographer while Kathleen is all about colour.

The blue kettle on the stove made me think of the cobalt blue boiler Jeanne in London left with me almost two years ago.

And extra eyecandy for the casual observer was this gorgeous glass seahorse from Nic’s Mom hanging over the sink – which I am so down with. I recall my fascination with seahorses and octopi even as a child. Let's not even talk about dinosaurs. I was nuts for them all!

My next roadtrip might have to be the Florida beach community where Nic’s Mom lives to get myself one of these glass treasures! If so, rest assured Miss Mimi Hollace Green will definitely be invited.
Home again, home again, iggity jig to a lovely plate of roasted potatoes on a Blue Willow plate and then trundling upstairs for a visit from The Sandman --

hey, that's not The Sandman! What the...???

More next time!
Take care and get what you love.
Candace in Athens.


femminismo said...

I'll do the Labor Day tiny thing with you. This sounds like a real challenge. Or can we just make a shrine? I'd better read that one over. (I really don't believe I can work small.) - Jeanne

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Candace,

I will be watching with extreme interest to see how you manage to construct your shrine, and which elements you choose to include. And, of course, what you choose to enshrine...


Velvet Ginger said...

Oh I am sure you will create another beauty! (and in the nick of time)
I sure like your horseshoe wind chime & the colors of your walls!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Good luck with your teeny tiny challenges! I'm not so great with teensy! :-)

LaY hOoN said...

Can't wait to see the shrine you going to make from this small tin.

beedeebabee said...

Candace...I REALLY enjoy reading your fun posts. I always go away in a better mood!

I'm sure you'll come up with something fantastic for that shrine challenge. I can't wait to see...

Those roasted potatoes looked so yummy... and I'll take that sweet kitty over the Sandman any day!

Hugs, Paulette :o)

Sara said...

The shrine should be fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

And that seahorse is beautiful!

Sarah said...

Fun challenges for you there from Kitten! I have never made a shrine-though I did get a load of stuff with which to do so when I was doing the Suzi Blu Goddess class. It just never happened! Good luck with yours and your tiny painting. I like your drawing of Oberon's court-looking forward to how that develops.
Sarah x

Denise said...

hehehe tooo teeeenie for meeee! I have no doubt you'll come up with something fab.

Mimi Hollace Green said...

It was a 2x2 inch canvas, Whimsy Britches, but that's still rather small for you.

I'm working on 1 cm squares right now. paper mosaic.

see you soon.

Candace said...

Oops. Thank you, Miss Mimi Hollace Green and it certainly is! But I am fighting fit and ready to go into battle...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and visits! No, no, you do not have to do a tee tiny shrine such as I am attempting. That's my own personal challenge but any shrine will do, trust me.

Shrine Day for Labor Day -- here we come!
Candace in Athens.