Aug 11, 2009

Beyond Continuous

Hello Everyone!

In "Wreck This Journal", which some of you know, one exercise encourages you (and me!) to draw a picture using one of my favourite methods of drawing, which is to form a piece of work with only a single continuous line.

Well, I had not done this in a while and so it was fun to do. And this girl's a bit of a goofball as well, which is, after all, what we need to be in order to cuddle up to Art Shenanigans. And from there, we can springboard into more "serious" things. And even those are fun...

While this Dialogues piece may seem whimsical in nature, is there anything more absolutely controversial and revolutionary than love...? And is it really all we need? Is it ever easy? You tell me!

Here is a peek at the second part of the most Kitten Art Challenge -- the notorious tee tiny canvas I will paint an entire Lovely Lady on -- mmmm. And Jeanne, take it "One Day At A Time" and do whatever size shrine you like, Pal. That goes for every one of you who want to be in this Shrine Day For Labor Day challenge. No guts, no glory.

And, just when I needed a quicker picker upper (work has been gruesome and I sure miss my weekly Art Days with Kitten!), look at this postcard from Sarah. She must remember how I love those old cows! Isn't the drawing great? I assume she did it. But if not, it's still spot on.

And the stamp on the front is one I must save to add it to My Collection. Sarah stamped this card with a little beauty you can check out here -- Pixies. I scoped out this series of British postal stamps and wow, am I ever impressed with this lot. The link gives a little information about the "Mythical Creatures" stamps, too. Thanks, Sarah!

Continuous blogging leads to continuous friendships blooming away in the cyberspace garden ... several of you have recently sent me blog awards and how I thank you all for those kindnesses! Back at'cha... and speaking of blooming --

Get More of What You Love.
It's Easy!
Candace in Athens.


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Great journal pages! Love the postcard you received! :-)

Charlie said...

Hi there,
I like your new blog layout.
I have another blogger friend doing that wreck the journal thingy. must be fun to do.
Well I gotta lot of catching up to do on your blog. I've been away too long.
Keep it up my friend.

Janet said...

I don't think i ever did the single line drawing in my WTJ. now where dit i put that thing? . . .

i brought home 2 empty altoids tins from my desk at work this week. thinking about your shrine-y thing. all i can do is just stare at them. lol! ;)

Candace said...

Hey Everyone.
Thanks for the comments. Anne, I appreciate the note and that postcard really is fun!

Charlie, good to see you again -- and I appreciate your remark on the new look for the blog... "WTJ" is simply fun besides making you think a little sideways about art.
(Like some of us need that!)

Janet, honest, the size of everyone's shrine is not a problem. I am the only one who has been "tasked" with an itty bitty tin. However, your mission, should you decide to accept it... is just make a shrine!
Take care, everyone!

ADonald466 said...

Thank you for the lovley things you said about me in your comment on Sarah and Andy's visit to us! Since I started my blog I have been amazed at the ever-widening circle of people that I have got to 'know', and it was lovely to meet sarah and for her to become a 'real' friend as well as a 'blog' friend!!

Paulette said...

Hiya Candace!

That continuous line drawing is way cool! I've never tried to do that myself.

I absolutely LOVE your new Dialogues piece! She's got the sweetest little face!

That's some cute cow card!!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for that shrine challenge. I have problems signing my name without taking up half a page...that's really teeny, but I have a feeling your shrine will be JUST FANTABULOUS!!!!

Hugs, :o)

Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
Clever you doing the continuous line drawing-I was never good at that! I have that book but have not started it yet! Glad you liked the cow-I enjoyed drawing it! I really liked the stamps so it was fun to see the ret of the series!
Sarah x

Denise said...

Just love your continuous line drawing! How clever you are, but then I know you are!

femminismo said...

Line drawing - awesome. I love, absolutely love your ladies, with writing all over their clothes. They look so sweet in the face, but "knowing." No dummies here. - Jeanne