Aug 18, 2009

A Different Kind of Road Trip

I did not go to Folkfest this past weekend. Long story cut short. Okay, okay -- for one thing, I was working on these two and be careful if you do click on them. They will take a long time to load if you want an "up closer" look... just sayin'.

Hello everybody!

I did have a Sunday roadtrip, however, starting with coffee with Joe and Pita and another pal, and then ended up lunching at The Royal Peasant,

a new pub, smack in the middle of Five Points in good old Athens. That's Tonya, the extraordinarily self-possessed waitress who handles hooligans outside as well as those of us in.

The food is delicious and authentic. Both of the smaller wallmounted TVs were turned to BBC sports channels – natch! A lovely bar, gleaming pub tables, great long-ago photos of football teams and stars, a great atmosphere all in all. I told Pita, who shows up yet again in this post, “It’s the closest you can get to England without going to England.”

The lamb stew was cheap and delicious! The fish and chips -- perfect.

T had a pint of water --

while I had a pint of draft cider – Blackthorn. Yummo. Just what I needed on what felt like a million degree day!

The glass reads: "Tour The Brewery". No thanks -- as good as this cider was, I think I will just drink the brewery instead.

The Royal Peasant is conveniently located beside Earth Fare where we went next, and who did we see while shopping for our daily bread? First, Joe and Pita -- told ya! -- whom I occasionally pop in a picture of on this here blog. Sorry, kids, no photo today.

And – alas, no photo of Michael Stipe of REM, who still lives in Athens and is very accessible and involved with the community. Not so long ago, I was living in Atlanta and had already seen REM a time or two in THE premier club at that time, a two level building called 688.

My friend Jayn worked backstage and -- finding out they had not eaten and were not likely to eat, as funds were very tight for them -- she brought them over to the apartment for homemade spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.

T and I had just moved in together. Nobody we knew and loved had died. Everyone worked and everyone made art and music. Everyone was still good friends with everybody else in our enclave. It was a great summer, maybe one of the last.

I don’t tell the story about REM very often because I don't want folks to think I am shining them on with “celebrity sightings” and such. But it was nice going up to Michael, re-introducing myself and reminding him of that long-ago spaghetti dinner. Good to have a good laugh, and be able to tell him, “I appreciate what you have done and still are doing with your fame and your fortune.” It was good to hear him say, “That’s something I’m always happy to hear."

I hope your summer is going well and I hope you have a great rest of the week.
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femminismo said...

Love your ladies. They didn't take long to load. The happy spirits are with me. Refreshing look at cider. Cool! It was warm here today, too, although the air conditioning forced me to wear a sweater. You've met Mr. Stipe? Cool also. Your ladies look like they've been to an art fest. Cheers! - Jeanne, your pal

Sarah said...

Your ladies look great-I like the way you have posed one of them against the tree-enjoying nature. Your visit to the English pub looks fun! That's a sweet story about Michael Stipe too-he sounds like a nice person.

SummersStudio said...

Now I want bangers and mash, and the cider. It's only breakfast. Can I still have cider? Lovely story about REM.

Anne's Cards said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

Paulette said...

Hi Candance! Once again...lovely ladies! Jeanne's right, they do look like they've been to an art fest! Great post, you're always funny and fun to read, and I always go away in a better mood! Loved the bit about the spaghetti dinner!!!
Hugs, Paulette :o)

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I like your two drawings set against the tree bark. They are lovely! :-)

kartika said...

Sounds like a gas! Your blog is very fun - love the photos and the story line - makes me feel like I am on a road trip!

Dezinaworld said...

Oh i love your beautiful ladies they are surreal and very beautifully designed. I love the detail too.
Excellent work my friend
huga June x

Anairam said...

Lovely ladies all! (I especially love the one with the heart tattoo from the previous post.) Anyway, lamb stew and cider - that sounds like a great combination. I would swop food for a road trip any day. Okay, I am probably exaggerating. Maybe I'm just hungry ...

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone, for your visits and comments. I am about to head in a bit of a new direction artwise... and take another roadtrip!
That Art Shenanigans sure keeps Me busy!
Take care, everyone and get more of what you love.
Candace in Athens x

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Candace,

Thanks for much for the sweet comments. I love your sweet drawings!!