Aug 14, 2009


-- is love.

Hello everybody!

Here she is, all but finished.

Too bad I can't shrink her down to fit on that small canvas I have already begun work on! Well, I could...

Besides love, all I need sometimes is a space to just sit down and work. (And a cup of coffee. Cream and sugar, please.)
Sometimes I just clear off a corner of the dining room table. Occasionally I sit at the foot of my big ol’ bed and finish up a piece with the usual suspects -- coloured pencils and Crayolas. For painting, however… I take it down to the basement, set up the canvas and have at it.
Tell Me, Peeps, where is your favourite spot to work? Do you even have one? What’s your “studio” like if you have such a luxury? I know some of you do, and I admit to being a tad green with envy over it but we all do what we do to make it happen. That old Art Shenanigans won’t wait on me so I have to entertain him whenever and wherever he shows up!
Another fun bit – one of my Topsy Turvys on one of the Ro Bruhn pieces I won this year in one of her splendiferous giveaways. This will be a card for a friend...
Say, speaking of fun bits, a couple of you have worried about working very small. You seem to be worried about the size of your -- ahem, shrine. Well, don't be! Let's just have fun and you go ahead out there in Blogovia and just make a shrine – ANY size will do -- to share with everyone (altho Janet of Are We There Yet? is possibly staring at a couple of Altoid tins right about now -- lol!).

SHRINE DAY FOR LABOR DAY -- the first Monday in the month of September.

Till then and forever after,
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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love the rainbow colored top and the heart with wings tattoo! Super! :-)

Paulette said...

Oh Candace!!!! This is my very favorite piece so far!!! I just LOVE how she turned out! Sooooo pretty! Hugs, :o)

Sarah said...

She looks good Candace! Interesting to hear where you work too. I have a back room which is now tidy and reorganised again but I don't like to work in there as I feel out of the way. I work either at the kitchen table or at my art school desk(frome Greenwich market) which has permanent residence in the sitting room!