Sep 1, 2009

All The Birds Are Leaving

Welcome to September!
The name of this little piece is “Miss Collins”. As you can see, all the birds are leaving. Ah how can they know it’s time for them to go?

This is one of her own favourites as well as one of mine, particularly today. Is the summer done up and gone? What happened? It was here just a second ago! Yes, there is a definite chill in the air today... however, yes, it is Sandy Denny and not Judy. It's the song, not the singer.

Was I green in 1972 when I first heard this? You have no idea. Not even I have an idea and I was there.

Then, just as quickly as this summer of ‘09 has up and gone, it was Christmas ‘72, on the precipice of ’73 when things really did change for me. And a record player and “Colors of the Day” happened (thanks, Janice, wherever you done up and gone to!) … and I sat down and freehanded one of my first sketches while this song played in my folks' big ass living room. Jeez Louise, even for today, it is a big living room. I’ve lived in entire houses that were smaller than that one room.

Back then, my folks’ house seemed enormous. Even the last day I was in it, my mother truly up and gone forever, and then my dad taken to his new home – gosh, when was that? Really? -- there was a vastness to that living room. With furniture from what seemed like a retro minimalist's dream, blond hardwood floors and a magnificently expansive “picture window”, I swear you could have flown a 747 through that place, landing it safely on the old upright.

Speaking of sketchesand I was at some point - I am indeed in "The Sketchbook Project", thanks to nudges from Sarah Wallis and Anne Gaal. Anne already has her sketchbook, that lucky girl! And I think I will start up another blog to deal with this opportunity, again thanks to a good idea on a certain Circle of Rain post! This will truly be fun.

Have you forgotten the SHRINE DAY FOR LABOR DAY gimmick? Next Monday, rain or shine, I have to have that work up or You Know Who (Kitten!) will take away my crayons! Mmmm… what is in my shrine? What have I chosen? How small can I get? How large? How ridiculously fun will it be? How somber?

Well, darlings, do show up and find out. And join in -- it’s not too late. Yours can be large as large can be. I am the one with those tee tiny challenges, remember -- not you.

Take care! Yes, yes, I am shutting down -- AND up -- now.
Get More of Everything.
Candace in Athens.


Denise said...

Your sketches are divine and your humour tickles me everytime. Thanks for sharing.
P.S. The birds headed my way. They've started building nests!

Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
I love those birds, and that tale of your parents sitting room-it sounded bigger and bigger the more you decribed it! Also I am so glad you have joined the sketchbook project too-we almost have a gang now! I am enjoying doing mine and putting the pictures onto the other blog-not much writing, just a picture or two! And I might take you up on the tutorial idea-for my birds-but the picture kind NOT the video kind! What is your theme for your book?
Sarah x
Oh-I see what Denise wrote-I just this minute finished putting a picture of a birds nest up!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace!

Loved reading about your old house. That must have been quite a room!

Your drawings are lovely! "Miss Collins" is beautiful, and I love how you did those trees! Pretty, pretty!!!

I can't wait to see your shrine. I'm certain it will be wonderiffic!!! (giggle, giggle!)

It's always good here Candace!

Paulette :o)

Coffee Messiah said...

I like the last sketch.

Seems like so long ago, sitting in a small room, drawing listening on a transistor radio or small reel to reel.

Those were the days ; )


femminismo said...

Love Miss Collins' eyes! They are beautiful, deep and *sad* somehow - maybe because the geese are leaving. The picture of the woman beneath the tree - excellent. Great concept. Happy sketching. I will write down "shrine" somewhere right now and get busy. - your devoted pal, Jeanne

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I love the tree and the "motherroot"
definitely something to think about!!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! So cool to hear that you joined the Sketchbook Project! You can find me on the Art House site at: and mark me as a friend! :-)

Anne said...

Trying again: