Sep 24, 2009



Finally -- after two weeks of near 24/7 rains of Biblical proportions -- Hail His Majesty, the Sun!

Does this tee tiny in my hand not look like Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"? Do you want to know what it -- gulp -- really is? **

The Faerie Condominiums have now given rise to the Next Generation of Faerie Starter Homes. Looks like a real neighborhood of the Fey is starting up in the backyard, doesn't it? I must remember to leave a little dish of beer out for them. Or does this generation have more refined tastes? No doubt they will let me know as my own Halloween Shindig gets closer and closer...
I find now that Autumn is here, I yearn for cool weather, I want to bring out all my dark clothes and tights and sturdy shoes, scarves and caps or hats. I want candles, old lanterns and sparkling bits... atmospheric music, fog and warm golden porch lights.

Yes, yes, it's hard to be patient when you're a big kid like me.
That's why I joined A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Blog Party -- October 17th will see this little blog transform for some trick AND treat funsterism well before the 31st.

Say Kids, enough messin' around now. Art Shenanigans this weekend!
Take care and I hope to see you.
Candace in Athens.


Sarah said...

Where did you get a snake egg? How mysterious! I like the fairy homes!
The weather here has been boiling in the afternoons-and I would like it to be cooler now. I am looking forward to the party!

Candace said...

To be very very honest, it was in my backyard. Yes! We have rat snakes and racer snakes living all 'round us.
I will definitely see you at the party!

SummersStudio said...

Faerie homes indeed. It's a blessing from the wee ones, I think. Did you flood in all of that rain you got over there? I hope you dry out soon. BTW, this is my favourite time of year as well and Halloween is the best holiday of all!

Anairam said...

Snake egg - eek. I suppose the alternative might have been some alien eyeball, so maybe I shouldn't be too squeamish ... Well, as you are looking forward to colder weather, I am looking forward to summer! Glorious summer!!

Bunny Missbrenner said...

Hello Candace...stumbled upon you thru Charlie's blog. I like the way you think and yes, your egg looks like jack skellington. Here in Cali we are on fire..literally. Will visit you again and feel free to come and visit me, but be warned...I need to tape my mouth shut once in a while....ask Charlie...LOL

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I cannot imagine what a welcome relief the sun is after all the rain ya'll have been having in Georgia! I hope you and yours are high and dry! Thinking of you! :-)

Candace said...

Hello everyone.
Yes, the rains were pretty torrential and ten people lost their lives. Tremendous financial damage has also been done as well as people losing their homes, all their possessions, and such.

I was so fortunate to miss that although at times, I wasn't sure that Wiggins Hollow was going to make it!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and fun visits. I will visit you all soon soon soon!

femminismo said...

Nice egg there. Yes, looks like Jack. We have mushrooms ... er, excuse me ... fairy condominiums here too. But they are brown and huge. They grow under our cedar tree. Glad the sun is out and I am yearning for cool weather too - a bit, anyway. I love the warm also. But I can start knitting again! Now I guess I will have to join the Halloween party. I think you got me into the virtual tea party. (thanks!)

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candance~ That egg does look like Jack! I LOVE that movie. I'm a big kid too... and fall and winter are my favorites!!! I really love the way you write Candace. Hugs, Paulette :o)