Sep 7, 2009

Tee Tiny -- Another Look

Hello Everyone!

Here is the art giveaway I wrote about last week. If this link doesn't do it for you, just go to the incomparable Cart Before The Horse and check out Jo’s giveaway.

While my shrine is not 100% completed, for boring mundane reasons I won’t go into now, here are First Looks of only some of the things in that Tee Tiny Challenge of a Shrine.

I used my hand for scale before putting the heart in the second photo.

And I have to admit, I did set up these “dates” given. That’s right, Kitten never set those dates for me. I did it to myself. (Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – lol!)
I know, I know... you are all wondering HOW I am going to fit all those items into that shrine!? Trust me.
We have an Art Shenanigans Day Friday and I can hardly wait. It’s been too long.
On another happy note, Anne of Gaal Creative has given me the MEME Award (seen below). Thanks, Anne! I have to tell seven things about myself. Uh oh. Janet over here has tagged me as well and I have to tell 10 other things about myself. Whew. I might have to start making stuff up!
Let me start with The Seven and work my way up – tomorrow – to The 10.
1. I have been in two very bad car accidents.
2. I read a book a week, sometimes more, even during earnings season when I am my busiest.
3. I read what are still unfortunately referred to as “comic books”. Little do some folks know!
4. I watch and read and write SF&F (and horror).
5. I am a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
6. I am a member of the Atlanta Food Bank.
7. I am allergic to shellfish, particularly shrimp, which I used to eat TONS of until I hit 40. And then, one day – bam!
And let me leave you now with these shots of the Faerie Folks’ latest work in our back yard. They aren’t just building Faerie Rings this year. Some of these are one step away from Faerie Condominiums. (That’s T’s hand in one shot for a semblance of scale.)

It looks like someone took a bite out of that one, doesn't it?

Mmmm.... look me in the eye.

Tune in tomorrow for more Shenanigans.

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Candace in Athens


Sarah said...

Oh-do we need self imposed deadlines sometimes-there are enough of those from other sources! I have been looking forward to seeing your shrine and have been busily making my own-prompted by your original challenge-it has taken some time but I am nearly finished. Out of all the things I have made recently it was the most fun as it involved mainly whim to get ideas-and also using up lots of little things that did not have a purpose before. I will show you next week!
As for the rest-I love the fairy work that is going on-and your dog does look a little guilty...!
Hope the rest of the week goes well.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! The MeMe award looks great on your blog and I loved reading your 7 things. Love that metallic heart! :-)

beedeebabee♥ said...

Candace, Congrats on your award! Boy, those must be some huge fairies in your yard! That's the biggest mushroomy thing I've ever seen! Your puppy is gorgeous!
Hugs, Paulette :o)