Sep 9, 2009

The Shrine and 10 Things About Me

First, what we have been waiting for. What I have gathered you all here for...

Last year, I told you about my friend Melody who died (unbeknownst to all her friends) some months earlier, a day after her birthday, two days after Christmas. I labeled that post “Pavane For A Dead Princess” as it seemed very apt at the time. She loved that piece of music, which you can hear at this url. There is a lovely painting that accompanies it.

I vowed last summer to make Melody a shrine one day… and while I do not think Kitten knew she was steering me towards this memorial, I don’t believe in mere coincidence. This was something that was meant to be.

And now, this shrine is growing into something much bigger than an aspirin-sized tin. Already, I have shown you other bits and pieces of items which will go on this shrine… the heart of which is in this last photo here. While not innately sentimental, I think Melody would be really pleased at the intent and attempted artistry.

Melody liked knowing and discussing the cultural differences and commonalities regarding the most basic of things shared on this old blue marble we all call Home. Death was one of them... as was love.

Hopefully by el Dia de los Muertos, the shrine will have been completed and will be shown to you all at that time.

And NOW, for The 10!

Tagged by the fabu Janet of “Are We There Yet?”, I agreed to participate in this “confessional”. But I thought I would spice it up just a touch… like it needs it.

Just like everyone else’s, my life is filled with wonderful, magical things completed by sparkling elements, while over there in other corners, not so fun things have wreaked havoc on me and others.

Interactive (there are more urls, more fun). Rated Mature. Here We Go-Go!

10 Things About Me, Myself, and I

1. I used to sing and dance in front of the tube whenever A., Mickey Mouse Club or B., Liberace were on the little black and white television.
2. I read a book a week, sometimes two, and I make a little art every day.
3. I’m a published author.
4. I could read really, really, really well -- like the newspaper and the Bible, etc. -- when I was four years old. Oh yeah, and my uncle Dewey’s Argosy magazines.
5. I started drinking coffee when I was four years old, too. Coincidence between items 4 and 5? You be the judge!
6. I was Amahl in a college production of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” two years in a row. (Stop laughing! I was small, I had a good voice, I was a ham -- i.e., I was great!) Seriously, there is no way I can tell you how thrilled I was as I had seen the original presentations as a child, sitting by my mom, both of us mesmerized by the story of the little crippled shepherd boy, his poor but proud mother and Three Wise Men, who just happen to be looking for a special child … 7. I was ostracized in high school when folks found out my sister’s husband was African-American. Yes, it was rough. I had two friends -- Leon and Janice. Even now, I would come home with my shield or on it for them. Yes, just like the 300...
8. I play the piano and sing and dance – but not at the same time.
9. I talk to my animals. Yes, out LOUD. I don’t care who hears me. Sometimes I indulge them with baby talk, sometimes aggravated adult talk. (Hey, you’ve seen them and know what I have to deal with.)
10. I drove my best friend to a certain kind of clinic three states away when I was 20 years old -- and I had no license at the time. She was threatening to either “commit suicide” or “just do it myself with a coat hanger”. So another friend and I took turns driving and crying… there and back. Please note that this was while we were all attending private and very conservative religious schools. We were scared there and back again, and upset and confused in so many ways for a long, long time. We all ended up no longer friends within the year. No fights, just – drifting ap-ar -t. Staying a-wa ...y from each other.

So there you have it. Fun and not so, eh? Well, that’s how it goes. In the words of Sam Lamott, “I think I already understand about life: pretty good, some problems.” Of course, Sam was seven when he let loose with this pithy pronouncement. I’m past that by some years now.
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femminismo said...

Where to start? Oh my, I love the shrine, Melody, the music - all of it. So sorry about your friend. All the 10 things are so much fun to know. You put them so well. I too drove a friend to a "certain clinic" once. Raised Catholic, but friends do what they have to. And we are still friends. I'm glad you had those two strong pals in school when times were bad. I loved to dance too! We had a mirror for a time, leaning against the dining room wall, and I would dance in front of it watching myself. I always wanted to dance. What happened? Hmm. Thanks for this post!

Denise said...

It may be a tiny tin but I think what you're doing is huge. Melody is smiling! Thanks for sharing the bits and pieces of you! Take care my friend. Thanks for visiting my blog and as always leaving such lovely comments.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love the little tin you made in memory of your friend. Very lovely! :-)

Southern Girl said...

Oh, Candace. What an honest, forthcoming post. I have so much to learn from you...

Sarah said...

Hi Candace, I started reading your post yesterday but got interupted. I couldn't wait to come back and finish reading! Your shrine to Melody is lovely-she sounds like a great person. I am sorry you lost her so soon. I bet she would have loved the teeny tiny shrine.
Your 10 things about you are interesting, funny and moving. I loved the link between 4 and 5! I am impressed that you are a published author and I loved reading the not so good tales from your youth in that they were so personal and it is good that you share them with us here, thank you.
I have to say-my shrine is not a proper one to a person, more to an idea-so not entirely sure it is a shrine. I will show you next week and you can decide! Thanks for all your great comments this week. Enjoy your weekend!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! I've been away from blogland for a little bit, but you were on my list of firsts to come visit! You friend Melody must have been very special, and she died so young, I'm so sorry. It does sound as though lots of love is going into that teeny little tin along with her picture and your heart! I can't wait to see the entire shrine when it's all finished....I loved your ten interesting little tidbits! So... you're a published author (that's impressive! =D ), an avid reader, quite artistic, you love animals, singing and dancing, and you're there when friends are in need...You sound DEEEELIGHTFUL!!! Candace, I'm happy to have you as one of my bloggy friends!!! Hugs, Paulette :o) PS I wish I could play the piano. I've got one, but never learned...maybe someday!

Rosalyn said...

I really enjoyed your 10 things about me list!