Oct 1, 2009


Hello Everyone!

When I was a kid, everyone had to learn this poem by Helen Hunt Jackson. We started the first day of October and by Halloween, everyone (except Melvin), had it down pat. It was much longer than what I show here, btw. But everyone (even Melvin) could conquer this little snippet.

O suns and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October's bright blue weather –

Ain't that the truth? Don’t get me wrong. I love winter, spring, summer (sort of), and fall, but I love October best of all. It should be its own season, if you ask me!

And today, the very first day of the month, wowee. If only that photo could transcend this lowly medium and you too could be in the moment when this shot was taken. Spectacular.

The weather is what this poem is all about. Cool and crisp, the sun lowered in the sky as Apollo's mighty steeds pull his chariot from East to West,

and with the breeze blowing just so and leaves turning colours and falling in their annual harvest dance, I do think those torrential rains we suffered through tired us all out and we are ready for a real change this year. And Good Old Mom, as in Nature, is supplying it for us.

Spread the word about The 2nd Annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

No rules! How could there be? Just post a hat, artwise, photography-wise, whathaveyou-wise (okay, now I am just making words UP here!) on your blog, Saturday, October 24th.

Let Me know asap that you are doing it so I can put a link to your blog up and we can all have “tea” together. And I do hope next year to actually have a Live Action Tea. Wouldn’t that be the cat’s whiskers?

Say, speaking of the cat's whiskers, my dearest and oldest friend in the whole wide world is coming to visit for the next couple of days. Leon and I grew up together, literally… he’s been in my life longer than many relatives and in-laws. We stood together, a unified front of two, when others wouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t – and T and I are taking him ‘round and about, playing “catchup”, treating him like the prince among men he truly is.

Back soon!
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Denise said...

I love October too because it's starting to warm up nicely, the birds are nesting and the weeds in my garden are the first to flower LOL Enjoy gallivanting with T and your friend.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Normally, I would agree with you about October's beautiful blue skies and charming weather. But we're having a cold snap complete with drizzles and damp. Guess that's better than the first snow they had in Idaho and Montana! :-)

ArtPropelled said...

I'm enjoying browsing through your blog Candace. Autumn is the only season as far as I'm concerned. We are going into Summer in South Africa and I dread it with every fibre of my being! Spring is pretty hot too.

Sarah said...

Somehow I am a whole week late to say hello to your blue skies. I love the little snippet of the poem. Who was Melvin?
Hope you have a lovely time with Leon!
Sarah x

Candace said...

Ha,ha. Oh Melvin... he was a schoolmate who somehow succeeded despite himself and everyone's expectations of him. Funny how life does that to folks, isn't it? He turned into quite a prize.

And hello to everyone! Enjoy the springtime, Denise. And Anne, we had a touch of the greys here as well. Snow? Fuggedaboutit.

Thanks, ArtPropelled. Your blog is a real peach and I am enjoying what you're doing.

Stay tuned. More on the way.

Charlie said...

October is the best.
We go in and out of nice days here.
today is still hitting 90 but tomorrow should be cooler...keep my fingers crossed.
I'd like to do the tea party thing.
sounds like fun.

Linda Sue said...

October means Novemeber and sniffles, weeks and weeks of darkness...October is sort of like the waiting room in the dental clinic..
Looking forward to the hatteers tea!! be sure to bring plenty of mercury.

Valerie said...

Read you are having a tea party and would love it if you added me to the list - what fun.