Oct 7, 2009

You Make My Heart Sing!


You know I am going to be first – or close to it – in line for Where The Wild Things Are. I read this now-classic in college with a passel of others who were totally hipped to Sesame Street as well. Another fun show that was as much for big kids as littles.

We took that song by The Troggs, “Wild Thing”, and made it our honorary anthem, all the while collecting and reading more stories by Maurice Sendak. What a guy!

Say, what’s going on over here? Dresses being laid out oh so carefully for an upcoming Halloween Ball, courtesy of A Fanciful Twist! You may very well see similar frocks again for this here blog’s 2nd Annual Mad Hatters Tea Party one measly week later.

Wow, and the background is the same colour as -- the background!
I am also hard at work (well, for ME, anyway!) on My House’s Transformation for this time of year… photos to be debuted the day of You Know What. Snake Cake, anyone?

Take Scare!
Candace in Athens.


femminismo said...

Haha! Take scare! (I will, I will) I saw that snake cake in the magazine and it's tempting, isn't it? I am so tired, stretched in too many directions. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. You keep me going, Candace, ol' (young) pal. - Jeanne

Charlie said...

Hi Candace,
wow it's been a while since I've been here. you have a whole new look.
Can't wait to see wild things move too.

Lynne said...

Seems like you love October Candace, such a lot going on here, love the new look too! The Mad Hatter's Tea Party looks fun, can I come?