Oct 24, 2009

This Party Is A Blast!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Mad Hatters Gigs went splendidly! Mine went off with hardly a care... please stop in and have a cuppa!

Coffee, tea or -- ?

Amy arrived first and we had a wonderful time catching up. She made her entire Victorian outfit which includes her "Mad Hat".

T in a Boy Scout Uniform... what a card -- yep, a WILD card.
The others soon showed. Everyone loved THE MAD HATTER centerpiece -- who wouldn't?!
Well maybe Kitty Boy wouldn't.

A nice table with cheese biscuits; French cocoa balls; cucumber and mint butter sandwiches, T's curried chicken sandwiches; Roasted Rosemary Pecans. Lemon Curd, Apricot preserves, and Strawberry Jam for the Crumpets. And the ubiquitous Earl Grey and Constant Comfort as well as other teas. (Java for me, please!)

Dale pours the tea -- she was the guest of honour (her first tea here in Athens with Our Rowdy Bunch) and that's one of the responsibilities and privileges they take on. Dale is actually SMALLER than Yours Truly. I feel like a giant lumbering sloth beside her.

Teresa and Kitten having a heart to heart chat, playing catch-up. I'm so fortunate to have this handful of trueblue friends. I hope you have this type treasure in your life, as well.
Some of Kitten's journalings...

More of the Gang. Tammy (back to us) brought me an incredible find you'll see another day! This is one of my fave things to do... host little teas and such so My Live Action Dolls can get together without the guys or the kids, leave behind the cares and worries of each one's particular world and just have a relaxed afternoon, strengthening the bonds of friendship.

Amy and Your Hostess with the Mostest... don't I look like I am about to keel over? LOL! Well, a late night and an early and very full day to pull off the 2nd Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party is the combined culprit for that zoned out expression! But a great time was had by all.
I indeed made everything but the teas and the breads. Many thanks to T for the rest of it!
I hope your own party was as fun. And yes, this is the last party of the year... I think.
Oh wait. Maybe not....!
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beedeebabee♥ said...

Hiya Candace! What a great party!!! (Is that the same silver service from a couple of posts down? If so, you gals did a fantastic job shinning her up! What a beauty!!!)...Loved everyone's costumes and great hats too. Everything on your table looked sooo yummy. I want some of those cheese biscuits and French cocoa balls. YUM! Your kitty centerpiece is just too spooky cute!...Kitty's journal is really lovely...and you DON NOT look at all like you're gonna keel...I think you look just wonderful in that great hat! Fun, fun, fun!!!
Hugs, Paulette ;)

femminismo said...

The silver tea service looks splendid. What a great piece of tea party goodness. And you had actual guests. I love that hat with veil and T's boy scout uniform (with hat). Food looks excellent. Wish I were there to finish up any leftovers. Yes, you do look a little like you'd been spiking your tea with something, but I do so like your hat. That's got to come in handy somewhere else! The play we say was interesting and was a revolutionary farce, with song. The costumes were quite wonderful and the songs were fun! Theater of the absurd, a bit.

Lynne said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Great hats! Mmmm and a choice of teas and jams, scrummy.

Sarah said...

Hi Candace-from Scotland! Your party looks lots of fun! Glad you had a good time! Thanks for the invitation to take part! Love all the outfits and fancy tea services too! And of course the hats themselves were great!

Valerie said...

This is fantastic that you have such fun friends.

What a treat to read about a real tea party.

You and your pals that dressed up -loved it - really adds to the tea party atmosphere.

And the perfect tea foods and table setting.

Thank you for hosting this tea party and letting your readers enjoy it all with you.

Anairam said...

Oh, it was a fantastic party! I enjoyed all of it (virtually, of course). You have a great bunch of friends, Candace. I hope you took a well-deserved rest on Sunday!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! What a fabulous party! So glad you had fun and got to visit and chat with your friends! :-)

Charlie said...

I guess I was early the day of the party. I came over and did not see any of the shenanigans!
Sorry! I did visit others on the list.

Autumn said...

Wow, what fun this all looks like! You are a cutie, despite being tired. Can't wait to see you myself.
~ Autumn Clark