Oct 23, 2009

WHOOOO's Coming To The Tea Party?

ME! And a cast of thousands... not really. Well, I don't THINK so, anyway...

Hello everybody! Guess what THAT is?

Below the photos of Athens dolling up for the holidays, I have a partial blog roll of where you can go for fun times and mad hatters hats and teas tomorrow. That's all I know (for now) – so swing back by tomorrow, just in case.

Remember, if it’s not fun, don’t do it… and if you don't think Yours Truly has fun, you need to have your hat examined!

Speaking of photos, Bulldawg Territory is here in Athens. I really should do one of those A Dog Every Day sites.

Even if Molly and Bess are uncooperative for a photo shoot (I hear they have an AGENT now!), these sculptures are everywhere… I think there are almost 100 of these pups, no two alike. I could pop these babies up whenever I am feeling lazier than USUAL.

This Dawg is outside Earth Fare -- here in Athens. One of my fave groceries. But expensive. Why is that? Why do we have to pay more for “the good stuff”? Mmmm.

People are getting into the act with pumpkins this year. The sign on this HUGE box filled with these babies read “Carving Pumpkins: 3 for $12”. Sounds like a bargain to me!

This next photo is really to show off a work in progress... oh you don't see it? Well, okay, let me spell it out.
How do you think those little acorn tops will look as HATS on littles? oh yeah... yeah. I am there already. A very DIFFERENT kind of party for that crowd, believe you me.

And now for the blog roll. These folks are hoping to join the 2nd Annual Mad Hatters Tea tomorrow right here on EyeCandy. Please visit them and say howdy! Others are too pressed for time for the hat part, but they want to stop and looksee. You know you are all more than welcome. We might even have a cup of tea waiting for YOU.

Circles of Rain (wow, Sarah has already jumped right into this!)
One Day At A Time (if she's not still stuck to her couch by the fire! and who could blame her?)

Art Happens (So glad to reconnect with Charlie!)
Bun Mountain Cottage (A fun fun blog whatever Lynne is up to!)
All I Ever Wanted (Crossing fingers you'll show, Linda Sue.)

Who am I forgetting? I know you're out there.

And, I have to go start brewing pots, making the treats (yes, I actually have LIVE ACTION FRIENDS coming over for this thing and have a full tea party menu I am sharing with Peeps -- not like the original Mad Hatter!), and cleaning up Ol' Spooky House.

Have a great evening and see you later!
Get More of What You Love,
Candace in Athens.


Sarah said...

I love the octopus teapot! Have a fun weekend!

femminismo said...

Those acorn tops will make lovely hats for the littles! I see the "hats" all over and just know some small one dropped them in their hurry to get some place. You made me get busy and dragged me away from the fire! Thanks! I am going to the woods for a while tomorrow, but will be showing off my hat later tomorrow. Best go to bed and dream of it! - femminismo

Anairam said...

Hey! I'm here, I have a hat. And I'm hungry!!

Valerie said...

Got my post up early (used to always be late at blogparties now have the habit of being a bit early).

This is exciting that you will be having a 'real' tea!

Cannot wait to check it out later and find out whats on the menu.

Linda Sue said...

Candace! I've got my hat!Rather HATS! I can not decide which...