Nov 12, 2009

But I Just Got Here

That's what I told Autumn when our time together came to an end.

Hello Everyone!

First, are these guys a hoot or what? They can be found along with other fun and artsy things at Spruill Gallery in Atlanta through December.

I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving here in the good old US of A and already retailers are pushing the Big Kahuna down our throats. I hate to tell you this but I saw Valentines in the back of one store the other day. And Christmas HiJinks were already in the stores before Halloween this time around... sigh.

Yet another reason to buy handmade and join in with Buy Nothing Day this year on November 27th (US) and November 28th (RoW).

Okay, okay, on to the fun stuff. First, Mother Nature put on a big production for the trip there and back.

I was so excited about meeting and visiting yet another blogster art friend. Last year around this same time, I was hopped up about going to London to see a friend for Thanksgiving PLUS meeting Sarah Wallis of Circles of Rain.

Although Thomas Wolfe said "You Can't Go Home Again," I think we can but it sure can be and often is very different. Be open and accepting and try not to laugh and cry at the same time. I mean, it was a very contained world. There was work. Church. School.

And this place....

What was it? I never could get a straight answer from my folks. And my Uncle James, who was a member, never talked about it. Ever.

Say, I don't remember any free-range rhinocerous in anyone's front yard when I lived here. Just sayin'...

A series of shots follow. Autumn was kind enough to say yes when I asked if I could take and share some photos of her studio and a couple of art pieces, altered books and whatnots (What does that word mean? Who thought it up?). She has met Michael de Meng! I nearly fell over.

Just SOME of her stamps.

None of these photos do justice to the vibrancy and colour of Autumn's work.

This Altered Sewing Kit was great! All sorts of treasures inside.

I had a great time with this little darling and will try something similar. Autumn showed me the how-to's.

We had a good time, and found that we have a lot in common as well as differences. Autumn gave such great tips on a couple of things I've been struggling with and when she showed me her Xyron... well, you know how THAT ended (see previous post).

We are going to stay in touch and get together when we can. Like me, she has an art friend. But unlike me, she has more than one. There is a thriving art community up there now. Which thrills me to no end.

I think this is ART SHENANIGANS as a baby! Tee tiny thing, just perfectly done.

And, if you ever go there or even near there, trust me. Eat at Joe's.
Take care, everyone, and get more of what you love.


femminismo said...

So you went to Atlanta! What fun for you. the leaf show was great. Your uncle never talked about the Masonic Temple, huh? Lots of the old guys didn't. It was a big guarded secret back then, but the young guys talk much more. Thanks for your comments. I hope we meet some day! Love the May Sarton piece in the art work. Everything on your post today is wonderful, in one way or another.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! Those little moosies are adorable! Your fall pictures are just glorious. Along with snow and ice, I think the fall is just beautiful!...I always wonder myself, what those Masons are all about!!!...I've seen cute rabbits, lots of artsy horses, and now those black silhouettes of foxes seem to be all over the place in hopes of keeping the geese away (that's a joke and a half!) but I've never, EVER seen a rhino in anyone's yard before! I love it! =D
...Autumn's artwork is so wonderful! And, so is her stamp collection! Holy crow!... her studio is like Wonderland!!! How did you ever leave??? ... You have a great weekend also Candace. I hope you get to play with your new crafting toy! Hugs, Paulette ;)

Autumn said...

Next time I am depressed that my studio isn't up to par, I will revisit this post! ;0 You know I am dying to paint it that "dusty aqua" we talked about... And twinkle lights... Well, I am happy that you loved it here and hope that it was inspiring in some way. Next time I'm cooking for us and that's that! Nothing better to ease the nervous new people jitters like warm Southern food. Have a good weekend. When's the big B-Day?

Sarah said...

Hi Again!
Happy Birthday-which I forgot to say in the other comment! I love all the photos today-especially art shenanigans as a baby! Have you seen the film A Mighty Wind? In that it is eat at oe's!
I have been in a masonic temple in London-it was beautiful.

Candace said...

Hey there, everyone.
Yep, T's birthday was 14 November and wow, did we make a doozy of it.

More on that later. Thanks so much for your visits and kind words. All of you have inspired me so so much and given me more courage than any Cowardly Lion could hope for.
Take care.

mm said...


Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Love those reindeer at the beginning of the post! Gorgeous photos. Sounds like you and Autumn had a fun visit! :-)