Nov 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, T!

Well, obviously, the colours of this particular day were parti-coloured.

Hello Everyone!

There's nothing like deciding at the very last minute to go on another road trip! Today was the Athens Farmers Market last call for 2009 and somehow we went from there to Easley, South Carolina AGAIN. See those two bums on the corner?

I was so tempted to call Autumn, believe me, but thought I would spare her a contemporary version of The Ransom of Red Chief!

All I can say is, that Xyron is my new best friend. So yes indeed, as it was T's Birthday -- 14 November, Xyron earned his keep. Here's a peak at the partially finished altered card done for the occasion with the help of said Xyron. Inside is the happy b'day stuff.... this is just a peek at the first alterings goin' on.
(I think Ian McShane is fo' shizzle and his turn as Disraeli was excellent. As both of us are enamoured of the Steam Punk movement, this was a shout out to a couple of things. And be advised, this photo was taken of the card in progress.)
The Solstice Sisters performed at the last of this season's Farmers Market. T bought two of their CDs. They are wonderful songbirds and quite renowned. If you click on their name, you can hear some of their music. Look close, you'll see our typical love offerings for our musicians.

More treasures.

Boy, did I really want this one!

This glass art plus glass jewelry is made by Susan Staley, the blonde member of The Solstice Sisters. So much creativity, it makes my brain freeze.

Once we hit SC, we kidnapped Leon who was only too happy to go along for the birthday ride. For some reason, teacups and their accompanying saucers were the order of the day for T ---

who would NOT admit that this footed set had more than a touch of pink. "It's lavender, Candy." "T, you my dog, but sorry, it's pink." We have now decided it's mauve.... another type PINK.

The set below is my personal b'day present, honouring T's Greek heritage. This authentic Greek set, made in the ORIGINAL Classic City, was nestled on a little shelf at a great place called "Uncle Sam's Antiques and Collectibles" in Easley. The saucer has the Pantheon while the cup sports scenes from Perseus and Medusa's meeting, the Sirens and Odysseus.

Look at this gorgeous cameo, followed by the Victorian dress and hat it enhanced. (sorry it's a bit fuzzed out here.)

"Mmm, not my size."

And now, the goat T just had to have! We all fell over laughing. Goats are big with us, featured in the Tatterhood fairytales we are so fond of.

We ate -- at JOE's! Okay, okay, Leon didn't. He just sat there and told hilarious stories while we stuffed our faces. Joe's has been in biz for 37 years and has served millions of hot dogs, burgers, and tons of ice cream. I don't know why Guy Fieri has not scooped them up for one of his special episodes on FoodTV.

If this place had been open, we would have gone there. Bleu Voodoo Grill. Can't wait.

Remember my aversion to rushing the season? What the...???? But it's a lovely window display.

So then, since it was dark and the shops were closed, we took Leon home and after a cup of his fine, fine, superfine coffee, we headed out and down the road where we found out that Athens was still here, waiting for us, waiting for the end of the road for T's birthday.

Okay, Kids! Tune in next weekend for some ART SHENANIGANS -- an altered doohickey. And a new Paper Lady Brigade whatchamacallit. And a Jewelry thingamabob. And more WHATNOTS!

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Nathalie Thompson said...

So much to take in (this post and previous ones!!!) The Bleu VooDoo looks fun. I hope you get back to it. And I completely approve of The Goat. We all need something to display proudly (even defiantly) when others would laugh at our choices! I'm with you on the stained glass piece you admired. Good thing we don't shop together! Although I would have secretly gone back and bought it for you for some future special gifting....

Sarah said...

Wow what a day you had! Happy birthday to T! I like the sound of Joe's and the farmers market.
I like the card too. I once stalked Ian McShane (minor stalking of the following him around Soho for about 10 minutes!I spotted him outside a shop on Charing Cross Road called, believe it or not, Lovejoy!)
Glad you liked the simple things-the people watching was on John Lewis escalators and it was quick as they were moving but it is something I do a lot of!
Oh-and just to let you know-the doll arrived safely and today I got the postcard back with your stamp on it-thanks again!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Happy Birthday, T! By the way, Candace, I've nominated you for a blog award because you make me smile! :-)

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! A BIG Happy Birthday to T!!! Your celebration road trip sounded wonderfully fun! Nothing like just jumping in the car, and letting it lead the way! I liked Mr Goat. He did spark a bit of a giggle though! ... really liked your gift to T also, so unusual, and so was that "mauve", footed tea cup! Can't wait to see your mentioned, upcoming creations, and again Candace, thank YOU for your very sweet words! Hugs, Paulette ;)...send me your snail mail address, for some bits of color!

Candace said...

Hello everyone. Every one of you make ME smile, believe it or not.
Sarah, so so glad to hear the doll made it a-ok.
Anne, I am definitely going to go check that site out, too. I want to improve on my "cardinalia".

So glad you all liked that goat. LOL.
Take care, Kids!
Candace in Athens.

Charlie said...

Sounds like the best road trip ever.So glad you had a great time and all the goodies you bought are fabulous. Love the goat! lol.
I'm kind of into steampunk too, but have not done anything yet. Cant wait to see the finished card.

Seth said...

This looks like it was so much fun!!

Coffee Messiah said...

Oh man, that cup and saucer is a keeper ; )

Funny, I'm just learning more about Steam and creatively recycling.

Belated Birthday wishes to T! ; )


femminismo said...

OK. I asked my granddaughter what fo' shizzel meant -sp?- and she said oh gramma, you're so cute. I love you, so thanks for that! The road trip must have been great. Bye.