Nov 30, 2009

Last One In Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

A short post tonight. From now (November 30) till December 10, whoever leaves a comment is put into the "Last One In Giveaway". Say, a couple of you have told me you did not receive your giveaways. What the --??

This is exactly how I feel about this news.

If you are one of those, please please let me know! I have plenty of things here and you must absolutely must receive your prez. Who knows what's going on at the Athens (or any other) post office? I have just sent off Sarah's and Anairam's replacements ... Anyone else? Don't be shy!

Here's my Art Shenanigans Table, covered in all the jetsam and flotsam as I prepare to make something I've not tackled before. Can you tell what it is?

A book. Yep. A fold-out dealie with more gizmos to be shown as it develops. (This is NOT the Giveaway, by the way.)

I've already learned to leave well enough alone the hard way tonight... if it ain't broke, don't fix it! This homily applies to so many things besides Art Shenanigans, too, doesn't it? Speaking of If It Ain't Broke...

here are some drawings which I am leaving alone for now. The backgrounds are all chosen and I am indeed sawing one in half for a different type doll (no voodoo involved in the making of these dolls!).

These heads will be given lovely holiday frocks -- or choir robes, whichever comes first.

Hope you are well and having a great great time as the holidays are upon us all now.
Enjoy them to the fullest and get more of what you love.


Sarah said...

I love the ladies as always-especially the worried looking one and the girl with the green dress. Hope you are having a good week!

Anairam said...
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Anairam said...

Yes, I also believe in the If it Ain't Broke maxim - but oh, sometimes it is so difficult not to fiddle! Thanks for posting another thingamajig for me - much appreciated (but not expected!) I will let you know as soon as it arrives ...

beedeebabee♥ said...

Oh boy, a giveaway! Please count me in too! ... Creating a book sounds like fun, and I'm sure you'll give it that special Candace twist, which will make it even MORE fun! I love all your ladies, they're always so expressive, and those heads are really beautiful. I can't wait to see them finished!!! ... Did you get your tree up? Mine's not up yet, but hopefully it will be soon.
It's always fun visiting your blog, you're always so upbeat and happy! Hugs, Paulette =D

femminismo said...

Hi, Candace. Lovely girls. What's with the Athens post office? Great place to live but not mail from?? New dream for your interpretation: A friend thought I needed a boyfriend and introduced me to a guy she knew who was breaking up with his wife. Then she told me, in an aside, that he was a burglar. "A burglar!" I shouted. "Yes," she said, "that's what he does for a living." But he looked sort of interesting so in the dream I thought I might give him a try. What do you think? (besides I'm nuts, that is) - J.

Candace said...

Hey Kids, Sarah and Paulette, thanks for praising those Ladies. Those girls are all rarin' to go into journals or cards. Except the worried one... she's in front of me now,wringing her hands.

Anairam, I can't tell you how I had to learn that maxim the HARD WAY.

Jeanne, I know! What the??? I only had problems if I took it to the p.o. in the Mall which is now closed, btw. None from the main office. The "real" one. Mmmm, that's some dream!

Let me hang out my shingle and get to work...
Have a great rest of week, everyone.
Xo to all,
Candace in Athens.

Coffee Messiah said...

YA gotta love the PO these days, 'cause it's kinda like playing the lottery ; (

I had a book and made a cd with some other minor extras sent to a friend. Didn't get the book, or cd, but did get the envelope with the other minor extras. He sent me a photo of the ripped package.

Funnier than that though, when he asked the carrier about it, they mentioned finding a book and cd, but didn't know where it came from! Huh, you deliver an opened package, etc, etc and don't know?
I hope they're enjoying the book and cd, 'cause I've had to remake the cd but can't replace the book.

Hope all is (s)well your way, despite it all ; )