Dec 20, 2009

And How Was Your Week?

Hello Everyone!

The Three Musketeers at the Royal Peasant. Lifting a glass to one another.

My week was a celebratory time, going on through part of the weekend as well, when I happily visited with my family after a few hours' work -- ick. Work and holidays just do not seem to go together. Ever. And thanks, Paulette (Beedeebabee), for that great card, too!

So, Miss Jeanne (not this one, another totally different one) came to Athens on Tuesday where we happily made short work of a bottle of bubbly as soon as she got in the door! Last year, I visited her during her first holls away from home. She was very happy to be Stateside and we were happy to host her, as you can imagine. I also served boeuf bourguignon.

We stopped by the Globe the next day, to hook up with another coworker/friend and the love of his life --

t he Globe is such a cool bar and grill and once upon a time, upstairs was home to the original 40-Watt Club, made (in)famous by REM, B-52s, etc. I promise to get a photo of that some time for you all. Not at all what most folks imagine.

We went shopping -- of course -- dig those groovy Dutch white bedroom slippers!

I managed a Self Portrait Wednesday in the store, with T mugging in the background. Jeanne cleaned out Old Navy --

and that's when we hopped over to the pub to enjoy some (almost as good as the real thing) pub food and drink.

Jeanne also forked over these nifty gifts below which I just could NOT believe. This sturdy plastic bag (which is the front? Which is the back?) is from her trip to Paris with her grandmother. I met Missy a couple of times when Jeanne lived in Atlanta, and let me tell you, that is a terrific grandparent by anyone's standards, bar none.

This card is a totally fun piece of artwork Jeanne picked up. She knows I do art, mainly drawings, etc.

We saw "Zombieland" Thursday, which was fun, featuring a hoot of a cameo by Bill Murray as himself, then got up early the next morning to take Jeanne back into Atlanta to meet relatives for a ride down to Missy's for Smithmas. Time was running out and we had just started!!!

Where else would we have gone for lunch but to Mary Mac's Tea Room,

an Atlanta institution on Ponce de Leon for the last gazillion years?! How I managed to never have gone before is beyond me. But because we were all virgins -- metaphorically speaking -- we were each treated to a cup of complimentary pot likker and a cornbread muffin with cracklin's. YUMMO.

Jeanne totally approved of this little tidbit.

Look at all this food! It's like Thanksgiving at your mom's house -- huge portions. Yes, I had to get a to-go container.

Jeanne says Southern Fried Chicken, except for KFC, does not exist where she is now. She has been craving it, so why not treat one of my best friends to one of the best Southern restaurants in the state? Not to mention myself and T.

The week was over way way too soon. We handed Jeanne over to Barbara and Chuck and waved goodbye. And on a happy note, guess where T and I plan to go next September? Assuming we don't have to work any Saturdays -- sigh.

Happy Everything, Everyone.


femminismo said...

Thanks for the link, Candace. How good to meet with friends. Mixed drink, wine and beer? You spread the choices around. And then champagne? Ah the holidays. (and work) It does interfere with shopping and cooking, baking, etc. Never had pot likker myself, but have heard of such. My week was a bit crazy. But another one is coming (well, here! actually) with a payday in it. Praises be! Cheers, pal.

Gaby Bee said...

Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Coffee Messiah said...

Looks and sounds like a good time all around.

Seems after my previous post, we have not received any mail ; (

Will be going to the PO today to see what's up.


Candace said...

Drat, I have no idea what happens half the time with that crazed postal service in Athens. Then again, it might be swamped in with last minute holiday mail.

Hope all is calm all is bright for everyone on the front.
Take care and happy holidays.
Candace in Athens.

Sarah said...

Looks like you were all having fun! I liked the sound of that bar and also like your self portrait. Have a lovely Christmas!
Sarah x

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! It looks like you girls had a great time, nothing better than good company and great food...throw in a little shopping and what could be better! What pretty gifts too! Love all your photos. Hugs, Paulette ;)