Dec 15, 2009

And The Last One In Is --

COFFEE MESSIAH! Visit this site for a walk in a wonderland that knows no season, trust me.

Gee whiz, I hope your Winter Wonderland Pal brings you many years of delight, CM. When she arrives, check out that bag she’s carrying! I don’t think it’s a cosmetics bag … If you would, please send me your addy at, and she will be on her way pronto!

Now, Class, before the rest of you start giggling about CM getting what may be considered a gender-specific gift, I want you all to remember that we are all equal in the eyes of Old Man Winter… Who has belaboured so many of you in this Brave New Whiteout. I am thinking about all of you getting pummelled in one way or another, and hope all is well.

My last post till just before The Big Kahuna will be this one, because My Big Holiday Shenanigans start tomorrow. Yep, taking a few days off because MISS JEANNE is visiting from London. Can. Not. Wait. The boeuf bourguignon awaits! Then I’ll be going to visit family and friends in another state.

I hope you enjoy some of my shots of The Tree. Yes, it's a prelit, but it's also better than the nothing we've had for several years. I miss the scent of cedar which is what I grew up with...

Do you have a list? Have you been naughty or nice? Both? Neither? How I love some of these old fashioned ornaments. This is the 20th year for some and I do not tire of them. What is that about, I wonder?

Birds and cats and deer adorn my tree as do other "trees" ... homage to the year-round beauty and grace that's here in The Classic City, esp right here at my own doorstep.

And of course, this ornament reminds me of that song that tells us, once you cross Toyland's borders you can never go back again. Even as a child, I thought this song was melancholy.
This fella is brand new, and has a partner on another branch, all dressed in green.

Get More of What You Love.
Candace in Athens.


Coffee Messiah said...
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Coffee Messiah said...

Great ornaments and Thanks!

BTW, sent an email, but you might look in your spam folder - that's where I found yours also.

Hope all is well with you and yours!


sorry about the delete, forgot how to spell this early

Sarah said...

Lovely tree Candace! I can't believe it is a year since your visit. Time certainly does fly! A year of friendship!
Hope you have a lovely time with Jeanne and your family and friends over the next week or so.

femminismo said...

The tree is wonderful. I love the Santa and the angel child is beautiful. The cats (?), the white and red ones, are so sweet. I love all these memories of hanging the ornaments on the tree. I have a few from Christmases past when my children were young, but not many. But I still remember where I got many of the ones I have now. (Hope I always do and still keep the friends.) Thanks for visiting. You are the bestest pal.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! I love all your ornaments, they're beautiful! Love your pretty tree too!... Hope you had a great time with your visiting friend, and have a wonderful Christmas too. Stay well, sweetie! Hugs, ;)