Jan 4, 2010

Heads Up!

Hi Everybody!

Starting January 5th, I'll be posting the artwork that's in My Sketchbook Project for The Art House Co-operative on My Other Blog -- Candace In Athens. This arts organization was originally located in Atlanta but is pulling up stakes for Brooklyn in February. The first showing of My Sketchbook will be in Atlanta in January! They then go to Brooklyn for two shows, on my birthday weekend -- WOW, would I love to go then and there! -- and then on to Chicago and Los Angeles and who knows where else? This is just what I remember for now.

But enjoy the sneak peek for now.

I'm so excited to go to Atlanta and see not only my own "Little Sketchbook That Could" but those of friends such as Sarah Wallis and Anne Gaal, along with others I probably don't even remember or know about! Yahoo!

I am also leaving the Tree up. I know, I know -- that old saw about bad luck, but the Christmas Shenanigans are down Jan 6 (Epiphany or Greek Christmas). Along with the Paper Hats Collection I'm having this year, I'm decorating the Tree for changing seasons and holidays this year that come throughout the months. I love to make and hang things -- gizmos and handmade/homemade stuff, baubles and bling -- and want to have another photo every month to show how this project is going. I think it's just going to be F.U.N.!

And yes, Barbie gave me the idea. So she really is good for some things rather than just beign a pretty face!

What else am I doing? Preparing for SNOW Thursday. Up to three inches. There's another Atlanta trip to make Saturday, so I am crossing my fingers that it's just the powdery stuff that disappears pronto!
What are YOU doing, Kids?


Ro Bruhn said...

You're preparing for snow while we be sweltering in 100 deg temperatures. I've heard you are supposed to take the decorations down on the 6th Jan, not sure why.

Sarah said...

How exciting that you can go to see the sketchbooks. I did consider going to New York to see them but probably won't! Though I did apply for my new passport online last night! I like your tree idea-it will be fun to see what you hang on there. I still have my wintry white branch up which I will keep for a while. It has a lady I made, a Beth Robinson ornament and some lovely silver babubles baought in the sale which look wintry rather than Christmassy.
I shall pop over to your other blog to have a look at your book.
Have fun in the snow!

Sarah said...

I mean baubles-I am scared to imagine what a babuble may be! and bought-I should proof read.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I'm so jazzed that you get to go and see all our Sketchbook Journals in person! Please take lots of pictures while you are there to share with those of us who can't go! Hope you stay warm in the snow! :-)