Jan 6, 2010

Journaling In January

Hi Everybody!

They're getting serious about the snow around here. Schools have already been called off in Atlanta in advance of the impending apocalypse as it juggernauts towards us. We haven't had a snow yet as the winter is still young -- not even a month old by anyone's guesstimation. However, last March's snowstorm, as you may recall, caught everyone by surprise.

From Misty Mawn’s site comes "Journaling in January". Go here to see what I will be doing, along with Misty and others. For the first week , I am choosing Kahlo and Beardsley, as is Misty, coincidentally -- as well as Regehr, Schiele, Modigliani, Burne-Jones, and Klimt.

I treated myself to one post holiday shopping item and am so happy with this comprehensive Stamping book I found at B&N and on the cheap. Should be fun and I will keep you all posted on any projects with those. The info may very well come in handy with the Journaling in January project.

This illustration is Ex Libris and is the first illustration in My Sketchbook Journal.

Note: I have to think back a long, long way to remember a time when my sister in law was not in my family. She called today to inform me that a first cousin -- whom many were close to in this large, extended family I have -- has died. He had been quite ill for a long while, and yesterday, he suffered a massive coronary which he just could not stand against. While being one of the youngest in such a big family isn’t without its perks, it does come with watching not only the rise but the inevitable decline of those who once seemed so invincible and bigger than Life itself.

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Candace, still in Athens.


Denise said...

Big Warm Hugs my friend.

dosfishes said...

It's never easy to lose those family members, I am the last on my father's side of this generation, so it is tough. My heart goes out to you.

Your illustration looks like a birth though, so you are thinking blooming in your heart.


Candace said...

Thanks Denise, I understand you lot are sweltering over there!

Dosfishes, what an insight that is... I would not have thought of that. What a cheering thought!
So much for our snow day, too! Sunny so far.
Take care, girls!
Candace in Athens.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! So sorry for your loss. Hope you stay warm in the coming snow!

Coffee Messiah said...

Recently had an uncle go and realize my parents too are getting up there.
Since our neighbors are old farmers and still kicking in their 80s, we figure everyone lives to that age, not so.

I put off snow removal today, for tomorrow morning, since it doesn't appear to be stopping!

Keep playing, as your artwork is a pleasure to see.


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Candace! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment. Have a wonderful day!

Lisa :)

Charlie said...

Is it snowing yet!???
It's been so darn cold here...it's miserable....but no snow for us.
So awesome about your sketchbook show.
Wish I could go there and see it in person.
Wishing you loads of happiness,inspiration and whatever your heart desires for the new year.
Have fun creating!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace~

I'm so sorry about your cousin. Such sad news. I hope you're feeling better soon.

...I really like your lovely drawing. Your artwork is always so interesting!

Did you get pounded with snow?

Hugs, Paulette :)