Feb 15, 2010

Cardinal Sin

Sometimes I do things that end up making me want a slug of tequila ... and these are things I MEANT to do.

Hello everyone!

Yes, I boobooed My Cardinal oil pastel. Didn't quite get that sunset to work the way I wanted it but was quite sure I'd end up with a muddy look if I did NOT stop... so, for once, I did. Oh well.

Below is Cardinal at Sunset, done on 140 lb cold press with oil pastels, a medium I am not very down with. I understand now what I did "wrong". I know, I know... some folks say there is no wrong in art, but let's not kid ourselves here. It might not be so much that my art is wrong, per se, but the execution itself lacks a certain panache.

As they say, try, try again. Which I will!

The Stone Prince by Regehr is below, followed by my own "version" of it will -- alas! not quite finished. Still working on it. I have been swamped for several reasons, not the least of which is work and company from out of town. Regehr (check out his website
here) is someone whose artistic influences were a lot of mine as well. Schiele, Klimt, the PreRaphaelites.

More coming on Friday, as well, especially -- ta-da -- Iconography as tarted up by very truly yours. And the chalk art. By then, I should HOPE The Classic City will be dried out from all the snow and rain. Whew...

Well, Kids, in reference to Cardinal Sin, tomorrow is Mardi Gras... and the day after comes the season of fasting, praying, almsgiving for many. Do you have a "cause"? Or a penance? How do you care for it? I do try to continue to educate myself, talk about it, read about it. I write letters to folks who might further this cause. Sometimes I do art about it... it's the only thing that really soothes the beast.
Take care and let the good times roll.
Candace In Athens.


Sarah said...

Your little Red Cardinal is sweet! Love the Regehr painting and your version. I have not heard of him so I am pleased you shared!
As for the William pic-I am still experimenting with photoshop. I googled something like 'how do I get a faded vintage look in photos'-amazing-so many answers out there. I discovered the filters/noise/despeckle/add noise-had not realised that was there. I also found out how to add sun glare(!) and a spotlight effect-so exciting!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I like your cardinal! We have a bright red one that visited us during the recent snow. He really stood out against that white backdrop! :-)

femminismo said...

Candace, your cardinal is darling. Really. He looks very perky sitting on the branch. And at least you are making some art! The Regehr lookalike is wonderful!!!!! I adore it so much. I think I quite like yours the best. But thanks for the link to the artist. Judy Wise was saying that copying (redoing) other people's art helped her because if she didn't she was always drawing the same "person-face." I made up a new word and I quite like that! cheers

Candace said...

Oh you Kids are the best buds, encouraging me about that oiled up Cardinal, haha. Thanks.

Jeanne, I appreciate your words about The Stone Prince. I had forgotten Judy's note about using what is in other folks' art to learn by...

Sarah, thanks for the tip on the camera work! And it is ALWAYS good to see and hear from Anne. As you may or may not know, cardinals do NOT migrate during the winter so we are privileged to see those bright beings against all sorts of backgrounds.
Have a great one, everybody.