Feb 14, 2010

Will You Be --

-- My Valentine?

Hello everybody! What a difference a day makes. Look at that sky and the glittering trees off my back deck.

Even the deer looked like set dressing out of a nature documentary today. They're in the Corn Bar, a little dive T and I have fussed up for them. A bucket of corn, and fallen logs they lie down in when the wind blows just right. We've counted seven does and one buck... I suspect the nursery will be busy this year.
It was all I could do to NOT jump the gun and show this before Sarah her own self had a chance to revel in it. Proud of her, proud of the work, too. Go over and look at all her stuff. FUN.

Below is a bit of my exercise from Misty Mawn… and one of my “muses”, like so many others’, is/was Frida Kahlo. My own interpretation here is “Frida with Photo”, instead of “Frida with Monkey”. (Once I went to a party as Frida with a sock monkey on my shoulder. Well, I couldn’t find a live one, so I had to make do.)

Tomorrow you will see my version of The Stone Prince, an oil painting by Duncan Regehr. I traveled to Arizona to see a retrospective of his work some years back and have spoken to him on the phone. Nice. And I haven’t forgotten the ICONOGRAPHY, trust me. That is coming up this Friday, 19 Feb, My very own birthday. WOOT. I’ll be 50. Again.
Plus there will be chalk portraits, done in chalk -- gee, imagine that! I love how they look and have always wanted to do chalk art -- just because. This too is from the Journaling in January work. This might have been the only time I wanted January to last longer... time just ran out!
And now, today, one of the very best of holidays – one that blossomed for love’s sake itself.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Kids! Look just a little familiar? I can’t help myself! Time for less grays and more reds, if you ask me. And while the snow is still here, it's melting fast -- but now we're told more snow is on its way! Mmmmmm. Is that rascally Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

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beedeebabee♥ said...

Candace, you look beautiful in your crown and gorgeous red gown! Happy Valentine's Day!... Your snow photos are beautiful too! I didn't think Georgia got snow like that! Mother Nature is wonderful, isn't she? ... I went to the beach today in search of some deer, but didn't find any. Maybe next time ... I Love your drawing too! ... I turned 50 last year, and again in December, but next time I'm going to be 49 with 3 years experience! A Friday birthday...they're the best! Happy early Birthday, Sweetie, I'll be back again with more birthday wishes! Hugs, Paulette ;)

SummersStudio said...

Your heart in the snow is gorgeous as are you in your red gown and crown.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such sweet Valentines post. The top picture is my favorite... love the warm red in the cold white snow.... Hope you have had a wonderful Valentines day!
Oh, I'm off to read some of your earlier posts....

Sarah said...

What fun that you have become one of your own drawings!YOu look beautiful. Love it! Happy Valentines day to you Candace! Thanks for the link and kind words-they always mean so much to me.
I love the snowy pics today-especially the deer-how lovely to have them in your back garden! Happy birthday in advance. Looking forward to the chalk portrait. Oh-and I love the Frida with mini Frida-and the thought of you with your sock monkey!
Have a great week. x

dosfishes said...

You have become your own drawing, fabulous in crown with ball gown!

Birthday's looming large and near,
50 for me (again)too, I fear.


Seth said...

Gorgeous winter images.