Mar 1, 2010

March Madness!

So, besides a long-anticipated funtasmic visit from Kitten and her hero ... what do you think went on this weekend? More bitterly cold winds, with a forecast of Tuesday snow mix after last week's gorgeous Spring Promise.

And these jack rabbits, as well --

waiting for their appointed rounds to come 'round, so to speak. Are these little fellows going to look great on my March Madness Hat or what?! Yes, not a simple paper crown this time but a real honest to goodness H.A.T.

Kitten is doing some fun stuff with paper dolls and our next Art Shenanigans Day will see us doing all sorts of "dolled up" stuff. Raffia for doll hair? Copper coil for more doll hair? Grape vines for yet more doll hair? Say, anything is possible in this place.

Take care, Peeps!


Sarah said...

Love your march hares and I think your next art day with Kitten sounds like fun! Wish I could join you!

beedeebabee♥ said...

What great bunnies! Can't wait to see them tucked into that hat your creating...I know it will be grand! So will those ladies with all sorts of fancy hair!!! Candace, you just sound like the queen of fun! ;D Thank you for the wonderful comment you left...those words you make up are always just the best, and always bring big smiles! You're such a hoot! Have a great day, Sweetie! xo Paulette

dosfishes said...

Can't wait to see what you create.
Happy March. Weather here raw and cold and freezing rain, the ides of March have arrived.

Candace said...

Hello Everyone!
It's always good to hear from you all. Isn't this time of year busy? So I really do appreciate your visits and comments.
Yep, sunny but bitterly windily cold here.
Aren't those little jack rabs fun? I just think rabbits have a magic about them.
Take care.