Mar 2, 2010

In Like A (Snow) Lion

AKA -- Didn’t We Just Leave This Party?

Yep. Snow again! Athens has had more snow this year than it has in a very long time.

I guess that old saw about March coming in like a lion this year means coming in like The Celestial Snow Lion from Tibet. My Pal Jeanne can tell you the other side of the story here. And, a nice memory -- some years ago, when the Dalai Lama came to Atlanta, T and I went to the events and saw the monks' version of The Snow Lion Dance. Joyful, comedic, 100% dazzling -- sans bling.

That Redheaded Girl is going to have a real feathered top when I redo her as a doll. Speaking of which…

Our Beauty is out and about, checking out materials for her -- ummm -- hairdo this week. Kitten and I think tiny beads will work, threaded on the copper coil wrapped around raffia and real hair… there may even be a corn doll version. She will still be in Imperial Yellow, a tip of the hat to the Chinese New Year and Empress Cixi. I've been reading about Cixi and realize she's everywhere. If you read the article (longish), you might be surprised too.

Maybe not as surprised when you see me this weekend, but still --.

Take care,


femminismo said...

Must go read something else. I will check out the empress, however. Seeing the dancing monks must have been stupendous. Can't wait to see when "Beauty" becomes three dimensional! thanks for visiting me and commenting. It means so much!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! We have snow here near Raleigh, too. This is more snow and more wintry weather here than I can remember since we first moved here in 2001. Fortunately, it was 53 degrees yesterday, so while the snow stuck to the grass, bushes, and trees, the roads are fairly clear. Let's hope the saying is true and that March goes out like a lamb! :-)

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the hair and feathers Candace!