Mar 14, 2010

Calling Cards

Hello Everyone!

Oh yes, She’s arrived. A week early but at this point, I'll take whatever I can get. Seriously, it's No. Problem.

And She is likely here as well, cheering this young one on. A blossoming of a very different sort.
What hope there may be, yet! You. Go. Girl. Thanks to Susan Sanford of Art Spark Theatre for hipping me to this.

I am indeed working on Beauty:3-D. Does Beauty need a Beast?

Mmm… what a good question. Perhaps a survey is in order. It’s quite like having Light without the Dark. How would we know which is which, when we come to –
The End?
Take care. Barbiepalooza is on its way.



dosfishes said...

Great sculpy face. Barbiepalooza eh?

femminismo said...

That is a lovely face! Is that paperclay or Sculpey like dosfishes guessed? Whatever it is, friend, it looks like great fun and you've all those gals to work with. Have fun!

Candace said...

Hey there, Peeps. I am using Creative Paperclay! dosfishes was very close tho, as I almost did use sculpey.

And while I do have little molds to work with, they are being reformed -- some of them -- to look more like a couple of the Ladies I would do.

Take care and thanks for the visits.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Candy...I almost lost an entire mouthful of coffee when I read "Barbiepalooza"! You are so funny, lady!...and that picture of them all together like that made it even funnier for some reason! Hey, I love your clay face, she's really sweet! Happy Saint Patrick's to you and T! I just know, whatever your plans, you'll have a good time! xoxo's Paulette

Sarah said...

Looking forward to finding out what Barbiepalooza is! You do make me laugh! Love the little face too.

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