Mar 7, 2010


A Greek word, made from two, the English version being iconography.

This is the Holy Trinity in the Deep South. Rather than blasphemous, I am being honest. Go below the Mason Dixon line and you find this trio right here –

Elvis, Church, and Coca-Cola. Not always in this order... go figure. It squicked me at first to do a work with Jesus AND Elvis in the same frame and then I thought “just go for it. You can’t get in any more trouble than you’re already in!” Not the best work I've done but I usually have better results when I work from complete scratch and make my own "stuff". Also, this is a 140 lb cold press with a deeper "tooth".
Here's a note: when working in coloured pencil it's perfectly okay to put a little squib of water on the tip even if it is not a "watercolour pencil" IF the tooth is very noticeable. It gives you a smoother result if you like that. If you look close you'll see all the flaws from the tooth's edge.

Above is some of my personal iconography… I doubt it will mean anything to anyone but myself. However, there is a sense of love and sacrosanctity with some of these Shenanigans, even the "profane" ones. (Gosh, what a big concept this could be. Icons, yes. But I do think more in terms of linguistics, semantics, "words words words" to quote W. Shakespeare.)
I really enjoy the Journaling in January challenges from Misty Mawn and regret that they come in January – one of my busiest times of year, professionally AND (this year) personally. It was hard to stay on track, let alone on time.

Here at the Crowne Plaza in Atlanta, with a shot of the steampunk goggles T made earlier this month. They go great with that hat, eh? Sorry it's not a better photo. Later for sure, kids.

Okay, I have to get back to the Oscars. I've not missed it in LO! these many years. And so far, I have gotten all but one right. Take care.



dosfishes said...

I do believe it's true. My mother-in-law was a southern gal from Jacksonville, FL and she drank coca-cola well into her 90's....

femminismo said...

You have truly captured the South. That trinity is so, so true! And your personal iconography is terrific! I really, really, really like it. The heart, the downcast eyes, the little bit of shame we all know about in our own very deep, silent soul. Great work here, pal!

Candace said...

LOL. Thanks, Peeps, for your visits and re-affirming my icon of the Big Three.
I like to have a Coke now and then. But what's really good, I hear, is a Moonpie with an RC Cola.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Well, I lived in Florida for a summer and Maryland for another. Two months in each place, and I was young 11 and 13 at the time. I remember a woman talking to my mom and she kept saying "bycrist". My mom didn't know what she was talking about until the woman said slowly "pie crust" and called my mom a damn Yankee woman! We all laughed. Love those southern accents! Love both your drawings, Candy, and your stories. Great tip about the colored pencils too! I just discovered "steampunk". I had no clue before a couple of months ago...I know, sometimes I think I'm living in a cave! T's goggles are great! Thanks for popping in, it's always so fun when you visit!
xo Paulette

Sarah said...

Thanks Candace.
I am interested to read of your deep south holy trinity! I also like the idea of the Oscars as a kind of quiz! I usually don't get them right!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the holy trinity. I'm amazed they can be included in one fine image.