Mar 30, 2010


Of The Valley. Everywhere. I mean, my entire yard looks like a pastoral version of "Day of The Triffids". They have taken over and now threaten the neighbors.

And if these flowers can take off like a shot, why won’t my tomatoes get fruitful and multiply? Stay tuned as I open the first of seven seals to get the answer, apocalyptic though it may be.
Speaking of flowers, get a load of these daffodils.

I’ve heard of double blooms but seriously, there are layers and layers bunched up in these li’l darlings. Makes me think of prom dresses I have known and loved!

My own little flower girl.

And I ended the past week by baking up a little treat for T and Me -- real scones with Devonshire cream to the side, along with a soupcon of Chocolate and Raspberry Topping (very very light, despite its name).

Tea? Mais non, My Cherie Amour, we had Larry’s Beans, a fantastically delicious Fair Trade coffee – the flavour? Mexique.

I'm ending this post by sharing a visit with Amy at her STUDIO. You remember Amy, don’t you?
Amy is cutting up a pair of T's pants to make knickers. T is going for a steam punk paper boy look. That's T in the upper left, drawing something or other...

Remember the following shot. You'll see that far right corner again, promise. And this is definitely a working studio. Amy is a true professional, sews almost every day and has been since she was 9. (I think I was still fascinated by ants carrying away grains of sand when I was that age.)

One of several industrial sewing stations.

You name it -- it's probably here as Amy readies last minute orders, repairs, sketches, fittings and patterns. This is not even half of the stash.

A corner where Amy pins up photos, ads, etc for inspiration and ideas while keeping up with the minutaie of her day, week, month. See that Bichon Frise? Amy has two... and they are real characters, let me tell you.

Remember that corner? And remember those pants? T couldn't quite get the hang of one of the seams... Amy to the rescue. (I think I was outside, watching those ants again.)

A few of the bolts of fabrics Amy works with and from. I felt like any second Scherherazade was going to show up ...

Of course, Amy made the mistake of saying she had buttons -- of course she would have buttons! -- and I had to have a shot of them. There is no way of telling you how much fun T had looking for the right buttons for the knickers. Incredible collection, trust me.

Okay, that's enough for now, Kids. Go to bed!
Candace x


Sarah said...

Lovely flowers! My grass has been taken over by violets-the violet patch gets bigger every year! I love the look of your friend's work space-so much fabric!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your seamstress friend's studio. Love the photo of the daffodils! :-)

dosfishes said...

Scones with devonshire cream, you got me babe!
The lily of the valley is gorgeous and those daffodils,
deer don't eat them do they, that's why I grow them too. They eat all my tulips and then my hostas.
Looks like you had fun in Amy's studio....

femminismo said...

Go to bed? Why? It's only 10:30! Oh, OK. Thanks for the visit to the seamstress. If only my nerves could handle sewing machines. Computers, yes. But not sewing machines!

Anonymous said...

一個人思慮太多,就會失去做人的樂趣 ..................................................

noodle and lou said...

hi candace! that is where spring has been! in your yard! :):):) ohmygoodness...look at all those flowers! how fabulous!!!!
spring arrived here this week and i am so thrilled. i feel like a new woman:) thanks for sharing amy's studio...YUM...i could go crazy in there!!! happy weekend!! xoxo

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hey Sweetie! Happy late Easter! ... Those daffs are so gorgeous!...Your scones look so yummy, and devonshire cream, oooh! I've never had it, but I bet it's delicious!...Amy's studio is amazing! With some of your yummy scones, I could lock myself in there for a month!
xoxo Paulette ;)